Monday, August 15, 2005

Interstate-5 theme is WISDOM

Wisdom is something I have sought after and have embraced for many years. So with that said, I feel small in that I am only focusing on my drive on I-5.

I am home now after a few days in Grants Pass, Oregon where temperatures soared into the triple digits. I loved the warm evenings up there.

But, the drive on I-5 was a feat in itself with so many 18-wheelers owning the road. They would just fill up my rear-view mirror behind me. It took a bit of wisdom to know when to pass and when to hold back along those curves.

It felt like each time I passed them, they were pulling me into their lane.


I went on this: along the Rogue River. It was so much fun! Sometimes I felt we were spinning out of control. Though we always landed upright and safe. Lately, my life has been feeling a bit of that. Keeping busy for busy's sake, but not getting much accomplished by the end of the day.

This too takes wisdom to discipline my time. Spending my minutes doing that which is most important.

I have been commissioned to design a logo. I will put my head down and work hard today. It is just drizzly, foggy skies overhead. I miss the sun and it's warmth. Winter is coming only too soon for me.


Anonymous said...

Aw Yes! Hellgate Canyon. I grew up near there.

Butch and Sundance jumped off the cliff into that river and Rooster Cogburn with John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn was filmed there. Even that scary Merle Streep/Kevin Bacon movie (The River Wild) where they went white-water rafting was filmed there.

Beautiful place up there. Makes me want to return.

carla said...

That's one big truck! Yes, it does take wisdom to drive with the big rigs...they just don't stop they way a car does. Nice job!

vfm4 said...

again one of your great combo's: story and illo....