Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Mac is unstable

I love my Mac, but it's been giving me some problems. It's not even two years old and for the past few months, I've hauled this large computer to our local Apple store three times already for the Mac Genuis to take to test it out and each time, he says, "it tested out okay" and then deletes everything off it and reinstalls my system.

Each time I lose everything I have.

I miss my itunes. (especially the ones I paid for and the free ones I download on Tuesdays that I never made backup copies of). I miss even more my personal photographs I store in iPhotos. Losing email addresses of friends, letters I have saved, personal illustrations and designs and then, what really catches me by surprise, is the loss of the bookmarks of blogs and inspiring places I visit during my free time.

I really do miss these unmet people who's lives have touched mine in such an intimate modern way.

I miss the woman back east who kept posting her home improvement projects online. And the artist's work who walks a mile out of town everyday to draw a picture of what she sees. There was a couple in Seattle who was trying to sell their house and I enjoyed reading their progress. Did they sell it? I won't ever know now. Another blogger who kept me entertained by drawing the backs of people's heads while she attended church. And, another blogger who was stricken with breast cancer. The last time I read her blog, she was going in for another round of chemo. How is she now?

The season has changed from Summer to Fall. I can feel it. The air next to me is warm but when I extend my hand, I feel a touch of cool nipping at my fingers. Soon the leaves will turn from green to yellow and red and orange and then slowly drop to the ground.

And this season begins another cycle. A new season. A new season of blogs I will enjoy and bookmark until the computer might crash again and the cycle begins again. I know this sounds silly (even to me) but I really do miss those whos lives have touched mine over the internet even though they may not be aware they have. And the days feel a bit cooler because of my loss.

Friday, September 22, 2006

New York, New York

I'm home from the Big Apple without a hitch! Well,--unless you call experiencing an emergency landing in Salt Lake City a hitch (!)-- everything else went smoothly.

I LOVE New York City. It really is an amazing city. I loved every single moment I was there. Hailing cabs, walking, riding the train, walking and walking. Did I say walking? Looking up was so powerful and it made me dizzy when the clouds passed over the large towering buildings above, looking as if they were toppling down on me.

The first few days I lived and worked in Chelsea. I worked with some really interesting people and I felt so comfortable working there. When my business trip was over, I spent the weekend in a large 5-story brownstone in Midtown, where on a warm evening, we sat on the rooftop talking and taking in the view. The Empire State Building seemed so close, I felt I could reach out and touch it.

On Saturday, we walked from Bryant Park to Rockefeller Center over to St Patricks Cathedral and Trump Towers down to Central Park and Tavern on the Green to the Dakota, over to Times Square and wandered through the large Macy Building and the Empire State Building. It was amazing, zigzagging around people as we walked the busy sidewalks and then stopping to turn a corner and suddenly discover we're on a street I've only seen in movies and tv.

A year ago, I received a pair of my first expensive polarized sunglasses. And seeing through these wonderful glasses, I see things so much more clearly. The colors appear more intense. For instance, this morning I saw clouds in the distance that I couldn't see when I had my sunglasses off.

And that's what New York did to me. I saw things in a newer and clearer way. It gave me a new perspective of seeing life and this world of ours we live in that I would not have normally seen. I'm still unsure of all the feelings stirring about me, since my experience there is still new. But I know I'm not the same.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

What's all the buzz?

My very first illustrations on fabric have come in from the Mill!!!

Several days after I made my wish that I wanted to see my illustrations on fabric, it came to pass. I drew these girl silhouettes and now it's in a zillion different colors!

The vestas say "buZZ around" but originally everyone thought it was "buGG around" because the z looked more like a g before I changed it.

I thought that was so cute! "BuGG Around". Though it doesn't really make any sense, unless you drive a VW Beetle as I do.

So now I think of myself bugging around town instead of driving.

I fly out to NYC in a week and a half to work in the office there a few days and meet my east coast coworkers. I look forward to this new adventure.