Saturday, May 9, 2009

More rugs

While browsing through a family's photos on the internet, I nearly missed seeing one of my very own Hot Wheels rugs I designed laying there on their living room floor! It really caught me off guard. I came really close to not even seeing it because it was so familiar to me.

Here is my actual artwork:

Then, out of curiosity, I googled Thomas the Train rugs, and when I did, another one of my rugs showed up! This rug is 40" x 40"!

I created this and nearly all my work in Adobe Illustrator.

I was really excited to find these. Too often, I sit way too long behind the computer working on designs that I never seem to have time to stop what I'm doing for even a short time so I can see the finished work. And it's so important to do that.

Because. ... When you don't do that. And when you just sit there and pound out the work day after day but never see the end result, you never see what you have actually accomplished.

And when you never see what you have accomplished ... then you never ever feel that sense of completeness. You never see the dream fulfilled. And you need to see that. You need to see that your work is valuable. You need to embrace there is only one of you in this world and when you design your art... it comes up from your own unique self.

Embrace it.


Brenda McShan said...


danny said...

I know exactly what you mean. In yesterdays paper, there was an AP article about Tetris, how this is the 25th anniversary of its invention, by a Russian programmer. And how in 1988, a company called Spectrum Holobyte bought the license and the game took off here in the US.
And I was there...and that was my artwork.
Sometimes I almost forget. It seems a lifetime ago now, but it's important to realize that you can look back and say, "I did that."

doodlegirl said...

danny! Last week while running, I was talking to Heidi and she told me how impressed she was that you created the artwork on TETRIS. She sees you as a bit of a celebrity of sorts and feels nervous around you. So yeahhh... it IS important to realize where you have come from. You have so much talent! Never ever forget that!

Henry said...

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