Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pursuing the Dream

I have always been a dreamer.

Back in my late 20s, I would write my own list of dreams and goals at the end of each year as my New Years Resolutions. It was never about quitting anything. It was all about new beginnings. It was all about starting new things and conquering them.

After writing out the list, I would fold the sheets of paper into an envelope to read the following year in anticipation to see how far I had gone. It would be my confirmation that miracles DO happen.

But. I don't recall ever opening the envelope. I think I was too focused in writing my list and never caring about the outcome.

This past summer when I was going through so many personal old papers and such, I came across my old wish lists and I was so taken back by what I had found! ALL of my wishes had come true. Really! All of them!

Not necessarily that year. But over time. Over the years they did come true.

But the sad thing about all this, is that I didn't notice all those dreams had come true for me. I was already off on another new adventure. By the time my dreams arrived... I had already turned the path. I already moved on to another dream.

This afternoon, I sat in my backyard.

It's nearly October. The leaves are already beginning to turn. Time for me to turn over some new leaves as well. I pulled out a small notebook. I started to write down my wishes, goals, ambitions and dreams whenever they came to mind. It was my TO DO List. By writing it down, it will give me a more complete picture of the progress.

I really believe in the power of dreams and creating the life we want to live. I believe that's what's going to happen when I start writing down my goals and wishes. My subconscious will work overtime to make sure I get what I want.

I hope you consider writing out your TO DO List, too. If so, let me know. We can share our accomplishments together.


c h e l said...

I am going to do this right now! Thanks so much for the idea!

carla said...

I think it's a great idea. Set real goals instead of just having nebulous wishes hovering around. I think it's wonderful that your wishes have come true, even if it wasn't on your original timetable. Are you going to post your new list?

AG said...

i love the colours you use! pretty.

pccoco said...

Hello doodle, I pass by your blog and I really love your writtings. I made a translation of your work in my chinese blog. I dont know if you mind, or you wanna have a look?? :P

I used to keep a diary, some times when I went through them, I found the same like you, my dreams came ture. That's a wonderful feeling. I know i'm going to make my dream list right now. Thank you!