Sunday, January 6, 2008

An Ending to a Weekend

It turned out to be a nice weekend after all.

It started off with an awful storm Friday morning. I can't really complain because I think it has only rained once or twice since the last time I posted about the rain. And, I always think .... if it's gonna rain, then let it rain hard. Let's have some weather!
And, we did. Waking up to window-shaking wind ... (two bridges shut down and highway 101 did too, for most of the day)... it turned out to be quite the storm. But it was also exhilarating, too. Adrenalin-induced.

But. By Saturday afternoon, I felt sorta worn out. Like one of those limp newspapers sitting outside in the rain all day. Not a whole lot of tangible give. I kept reaching deep into my pockets to deliver something wonderful and accomplished in my day, but, instead, just kept pulling up lent.

This morning I woke up late, but after showering, I felt inspired to work on my house. I first started to paint my bathroom cabinets.
This is how it looked BEFORE I painted the cabinets:
And let's just leave it at that.

Because once I started painting them a dark latte color, I realized I liked them sooo much better white, so they are white again. Okay. Not as white as in these photos. Tomorrow I will give them their second coat and let's leave it at that.

I also started working on the third bedroom. It's been a catch-all room filled with unfinished paintings. A few boxes of old books. Piles of old videotapes I want to copy to DVD and too many pillows. The vacuum is stored in there. And an overnight bag filled with unwanted clothes. Time to de-clutter.

I will enjoy this room soon. I put cable hookups in there a few months ago. I look forward to sitting in there and watching television or reading a book. It will become my sanctuary.

I love my home. I do.
I've done a lot on it with my shoestring budget.

Lately, after watching on HGTV, that fairly new popular show, "My House is Worth, What?!" I have seen the importance of keeping it updated. My kitchen is the same 1956 kitchen so I need to update it. My master bathroom is named appropriately. I someday want to turn it into a MISTER bathroom. No more little smallness to it. I want to push the room back a good five feet and put in a spa tub and create a walk-in closet next to it, in doing so.

I figure when I sell my home, I would much rather put the money into it now and enjoy living in it, than giving the new owner the money to upgrade.

Tonight I fixed myself a roast dinner with carrots and potatoes. I LOVED it.

It wasn't as delicious as I had hoped it would turn out, but it felt so nurturing and fed my soul.

Cleaning up the house, rinsing out my paint brushes, tossing out clutter... and smelling the aroma of the roast cooking slowly in the oven gave me such a huge hug and bolt of energy and happiness.

I can hear the pitter and patter of rain outside my window now. It is cold outside, but warm inside. And I feel the warm glow inside me, too.

Such a perfect day to end my weekend. Tomorrow is another day. The seventh day into 2008. I so want to make the most of it.


danny said...

You have such a wonderful and cozy home, shawn! I'm glad you're enjoying it...I can almost smell the roast from here!

doodlegirl said...

Aww! Well if you happen to get a wiff of it again.. follow your nose and come on over! There's more than enough for the two of us to enjoy!! (or not) ;O)

Doodlestreet said...

Ahhhh...that melted my heart. I SOOOO remember doing the very same thing on the point with that little cabin. Except insert my dads special spaghettie slow cookin in the kitchen. And after a fun day of good hard work and accomplishment, you get to look forward to one of your favorite meals!! That just makes the day so perfect, doesn't it? Ahhhhh...

I want to do that again. You always bring up good memories with you sweet stories. Thank you for that.
How was your roast? My mom makes the BEST chili sauce recipe that is sooooooo good on roast!! It sounds like it would be hot, but it's's a cold sauce and kinda on the sweet side! I need to get a jar for you!

Jim Pearson said...

Your bathroom looks charming and cozy, but I cracked up at "Mister Bathroom" - that's hilarious, and completely understandable!

doodlegirl said...

Oh that sounds delicious Doodlestreet! I havva feeling your mom and dad have cooked up much better meals than I could even imagine myself cooking up. The roast was more nurturing than it was delicious. But it warmed my soul and that was what I needed.

Jimpy! ha! Ya know, when you said that, I had a a small heart attack thinking that my Mister Bubbles was shown on the counter when I snapped that photo! (Course, now that I think about it, it should appropriately be named only Master Bubbles, since it's bubble bath that really should be just for kids. (and sometimes for silly rabbits).

ValGalArt said...

Nice post and a fun way to enter this New Year! I love the look of your bathroom and parts of my house are dated to but i can't stand having construction going on in my really small house so i just keep putting it off... Today is a new day, have a great one!

violetismycolor said...

I feel the same way about updating, so I have been going room to room and doing so. However, the master bedroom...80's mauve that just has to go...but I am having a bit of a problem convincing my husband, who thinks it looks fine just as it is. Hmmm...

doodlegirl said...

Thanks, Val! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Oh Violet. I'm sure it does look just fine. But.. it's fun to change color on the walls and it's such an inexpensive way to create a a really big WOW factor. If you decide to paint it (even though it's fine the way it is)... I'd love to see the before and after photos!
You will love the new change it brings out.

platitudinal said...

Shawn, you are such an explosion of energy! How on earth you can do all those things? Amazing! When it rained all I wanted to do was to sip hot cocoa and snuggle in bed with a good book.

*I love your "before" bathroom picture. And, I'm sure the after after the after picture will be as great. :D

doodlegirl said...

This is so adorable: *I love your "before" bathroom picture. And, I'm sure the after after the after picture will be as great. :DD

Thank you!!! :OD