Friday, March 7, 2008

Measure twice. Cut once.

The sacred rule: Remember to measure twice. Cut once.

I need to measure four or five times. I just keep measuring until the measurements repeat themselves. Sometimes I do it on the second try. Other times I need to measure maybe six times over.

It doesn't matter to me. I don't tire of it.

I keep measuring.

I've measured with a yardage stick and also with a measuring tape and with a ruler. I have even measured with my feet. Heel over heel. One, two, three, four, five ... and a half a shoe.

I add it up. I write it down. 136 inches. I measure the same wall again. 154 inches.

Measuring isn't easy for me. I measure again. 134 inches plus two thin lines after that. What is that? 2/16th? I think we count all those thin lines and that's the bottom fraction. Then we count how many lines from the left and that's the top fraction.

Sometimes I wonder how I've gotten so far in life with my vast intelligence.

All my measuring is because I'm going to replace my old kitchen cabinets and counter tops. But somewhere I got it in my head to also take down the wall that divides my dining area to the kitchen as well.

Tomorrow morning at 9, I'm having someone come over to tear down the wall. Then afterwards I will pick out cabinet facings and look at granite. And then when I'm through, I want to go on a picnic and sit outdoors and feel the warm sun drench my face.

I've worked long hours this week and want to just relax and soak life in. It's going to be a good day.


Michele Miles said...

Ooooh!!! I'm excited for you. I hope you'll post the photos when you're done.

Michele Miles (Shawn, I don't know why but whenever I post my name and website link do not post. What am I doing wrong?)

doodlegirl said...

Hi Michele!
Try this: Click on Name/URL which looks like you did. And then you type in your URL by typing in

(did you type in http:// beforehand?) If not, maybe that's why! Thanks for visiting. I will show pictures soon. I'm really happy with it! :O)

danny said...

yeah, always good to measure twice! or 5 or 6 times... How exciting! Yes, you'll have to post some before/after pictures...good luck with it all! Once it's done, it'll be awesome!

Doodlestreet said...

Look at that sheet of paper! Those are some of the BEST DoodleTHoughts I've seen in a good long time!!!!

I can hardly wait to see all the changes you have made on your adorable little home. You have such a great sense of design and I love all the splashes of color throughout. Just right, and such a happy warm feeling when you walk inside. Although, I know that half of that feeling comes from the wonderful and loving home owner. :o)

doodlegirl said...

Hi danny! I'm thinkin' of waiting until the new kitchen cabinets are in, too, before I post the pictures. I can hardly wait for this new transition. I think I have a bit of a skip to my walk in my excitement over this newness.

Ohh doodlestreet! Thank you soo much for your kind words about my home! You are so sweeeet! And those were some crazy doodle thoughts, huh? Sorta scared me looking at them again. They made no sense to me. So guess what? Yup. I had to measure again. And again. And again.

violetismycolor said...

What a huge project. I am working on redoing my bedroom. It's kind of scary.

doodlegirl said...

Oh diane, it IS scary, isn't it?! I want to redo my bedroom, too. Repaint it. Take out some stuff. It's fun, too, right? Think of it not as "scary" but as "exciting". It's going to be wonderful. You'll enjoy the change. I just know you will!! :O)

Rayne said...

Sorry, I've been away for so long. I've been really sick.
My mom is a seamstress and also designs and makes her own toys, soft-sculpture, what ever, and when she tried to teach me how to sew she would hammer it into my head about how important accurate measuring was, and how to never use the end of the measuring tape, always start at 1" as the end and on and on and on.
And, I tuned it out. Because I was a kid and a little bit of an idiot. And I still don't measure right. I can never figure out what I am doing wrong, either, but the measurements keep changing.

doodlegirl said...

Hi Rayne! I'm so sorry to hear about your health and hope this means you are doing well and on the road to recovery!!!

I think your mother is incredible!!! And I don't believe you were ever an idiot, but I can understand starting at the one inch.. can be confusing at times, because you always need to remember to subtract one inch each time you measure. But I like that strategy and I'm going to do that for now on.