Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thelma's in Houston

So, I'm walking along the long aisles at Quilt Market trying to digest all the new fabric that is coming out this season when my cell phone rings.

"Shawn! We're on our way to Thelma's to have lunch, ya wanna join us? It's just a few blocks from where you are!"

"Sure!" I said, "I'll meet you outside of Door C!"

And within minutes, we were pulling up to the curb across the street from Thelma's Bar-B-Que.... a few short blocks south of the George R. Brown Convention center at 1020 Live Oak.

"This is a restaurant?" I asked. "Are ya sure?"

I didn't see any signs indicating it was nor did I see any signs of people. It looked as though it was deserted.

"Sure it is! I've eaten here lots of times before!"

I slowly opened up the screen door and the three of us walked inside. The bright autumn daylight blinded my eyes for a moment before adjusting to the darkened diner. It was anything but deserted.
Families with small children. Couples and friends and people eating alone. All laughing and talking and eating... looking up on occasion to watch the TV that hung in the corner. I followed my eyes to the outline of the interior paint which the painter had painted the walls around the TV.

This is what I love about the South. Finding wonderful little neighborhood dives and then opening the door, walking inside and wrapping your heart around the magic of it all.

If you happen upon downtown Houston, do yourself a favor and drop into this lovely place... where the food is not only delicious, but you walk away feeling the love.

Truly a magical place.

Pictured above: Velma and Thelma.


danny said...

ha! what a charming place! You can just tell the food is deeeelicious. I went to a place like that in Kentucky, it was excellent barbeque. Like going to someone's house to eat...which it appears it is!

Janet said...

We have those kinda places here, too.....they're the best!

doodlegirl said...

I love little dive places for breakfast! Problem with most of the dives, I'm just never brave enough to explore them very often.

platitudinal said...

How lucky that you have knowledgeable friends who know the insides of the local place. It must be a neat experience … the kind that gladdens the heart and tummy. The place emanates honest charm: unpretentious and downright cozy. And, I believe you about the food being delicious. Velma and Thelma look happy and gracious. Excellent cooks possess such characteristics. The awful ones are often sour-hearted.

violetismycolor said...

sounds heavenly. wish i were there...

Kate said...

This is a "Cheers" place apparently; you're probably only a stranger until you cross the threshold. It's one quality that the fast food places cannot produce. Long live the local establishment! Ours is a dive bar we frequent on Friday nights for fried fish and French fries (soooo bad for us). We don't get asked for our orders. They know what we want. But it's not about that. It's that they know we are there and we know they are there. People caring about people. I think you found a place like that.

Doodlestreet said...

Just looking at these two women, I can see in THEM how good the food is! You can tell that they would make it with nothing less than a armful of love!