Friday, May 29, 2009

Green Light Jerky

I received a really nice email the other week from Green Light Jerky Company.

They somehow found and read
my gruesome bad beef jerky experience from a few years ago while vacationing in Austin. While hoping I hadn't given up on beef jerky altogether, they asked if they could send me a free sample of their own to see if they could possibly persuade me into eating beef jerky again.

Well, hell yeah!!!
How could I refuse!? I sent them my address and last night the package arrived in my mailbox.

Not only is it delicious, but it doesn't have any preservatives in it, such as nitrates or MSG and stuff like that.

And they seem like a really fun group of folks!
They even have a Monthly Raffle!

All you hafta do is submit a picture of yourself with a bag of their Green Light Jerky.
(even an empty bag is fine with them!) And if you're selected, you'll receive a free bag! Pretty cool, huh?

(Oh. And by the way, the small stick of jerky I'm holding up in my hand isn't that tiny. The rest of that delicious stick is in my mouth!)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to submit my photo.....


danny said...

oh that's funny that they picked the name 'green' for beef jerky! ha! So wow, I'll go see if they carry it here and pick some up, and send in a picture too!

doodlegirl said...

Click on the link and you'll see the stores they sell in. I'm guessing where you are living, you might hafta buy it online! :O/ But it is delicious and sooo worth it!!!! :O)

Fiona said...

Intially, I came to your blog thru makingitfun.blogspot to view your fabric designs but now i enjoy visiting a month of archives to read your stories. I think you are very brave to continue eating beef jerky. I got sick once at an IHOP and can never go back.

Kate said...


Do you have any dog and/or cat prints you've designed? Available where or as what products?


Kate said...

What a hoot! Who would use "green" and "jerky" in the same phrase, let alone as a company name/product! It's gotta be great. And, it works because of people like you!
I think I will write about my bad experience with a Mercedes Benz in 1990.
Then there was the cruise I didn't get to take...
And, the broken bottle of vintage wine...
Oh, let me not forget THE VILLA with the leaky roof and no domestic help.
Sharpening my pencil now, with a smile on my face...

Rayne said...

This is so cool that they did that?
Did you do the photo thingee?

spud said...

You are so brave!
So did you get the extra pepper flavor? Eh pepper girl?

violetismycolor said... one has EVER offered to send me jerky or anything else. How lucky are you?

doodlegirl said...

Kate! I am wishing you a free Mercedes, a refund on that cruise and on The Villa with the leaky roof and no domestic help (whaaaa?) Oh! And a replacement on that vintage wine...

As for dog/cat prints.. I have designed them, but don't think any of them have gone to fabric yet. :O(
Do you have something in mind? I would love to try my hand at them again! :O)

Rayne.. I DID send in that photo and they wrote me back and said I was the first one to send in a photo for this month! Hopefully I'll wine another jerky pack!

Fiona and Spud.. I'm not that brave. Really. I just love beef jerky.

And, "violet"... I felt rrreally lucky. And once you eat their "green" jerky... I think that means organic... you'd see how lucky I really am! :O)

Thanks everyone for visiting and dropping a note.

Kate said...

Oh, Shawn, what I had in mind was hoping to get some of it/something that I could include in our raffle at the fundraiser for Animal Protective League ( The event is a gala on the opening night of a play titled, "Sylvia". I thought if you had something I buy it and donate it!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

heheh...thats really funny! Hooray for beef jerky!