Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dreaming to Win

Driving home from work this evening I was worrying about my finances, and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and on my way out, I passed the California Lottery machine and spontaneously put a dollar in to play.

And afterwards, while driving home I was so lost in the dream of what it would be like if actually did win ... that when I got home, and pulled up into the garage ... I still sat in my car for the longest time...  feeling giddy, still caught up in the moment envisioning my life as if I had just won!

Its amazing what the imagination can do. In that moment, I was able to shift my feelings of anxiousness to feeling calm and joyful because of where I was inside my head. 

Obviously the chances of winning are slim to none, but a dollar really is worth the dream.


amber said...

I was just dreaming this same dream tonight Shawn! Rock on! I hope we BOTH WIN! It can happen!!!

Jen and Angela said...

As they say "A Penny for your thoughts" A few months back I rear ended someone because a car 3 cars ahead stalled just as the light turned green. The woman, whose brand new Mercedes I plowed into, was bawling crying. The guy in front of her who she hit said "This is the best day of my life. I needed a new truck" It's all in your perspective! Jen

doodlegirl said...

amber... good luck to you! I hope you win! You and me both!! :O)

Thanks Jen for this interesting insight! I hope YOUR car was ok and equally glad you're okay! You are right. Losses and Gains.. it truly is in our perspective.

Dan Guerra said...

I know exactly what you mean Shawn! I've had those same reveries whenever I bought a ticket. Hey I won 15 bucks once!
Yeah the odds are astronomical, but maybe, juuuust maybe...people do win those, and the odds were just the same for them too.
I always picture a gorgeous afternoon in a luxury box at PacBell Park, fully catered, with 12-15 friends...and doing it more than once!

ValGalArt said...

that is a wonderful dream, a girl's gotta dream... am i right???

doodlegirl said...

Dan, I hope you win, as I'd like to hang out in the luxury box at least once in my lifetime.

Val.... yes.. a girl's gotta dream and it is surely worth it!!! "am i right or am i right?" and yes.. you are right. :O) You are ALWAYS right.

Janet said...

When I buy a ticket, I resist the urge to check the numbers for as long as I can.I know I won't win,so I'd rather enjoy my "dreamin' time". (The longest I've waited is 2 weeks.)