Sunday, March 6, 2011

We tackled the Big Mountain

Coach Marc warned us that it was going to be a grueling run. We were about to embark on a muddy running trek to reach 2,729 feet to the top of the mountain with awesome views.  On a clear day we could see the Golden Gate Bridge from the top.

Of course this morning we knew better.

This morning it was all about rain, rain, rain.

Fog and low-lying clouds was the verdict of the day. It was difficult to see 50 yards ahead of us. No way would we have a view of anywhere, but we kept on running.

Bald Mountain is relentless.

It can chew up sweet lil Annadell (from across the way) and spit her out.

Coach Marc warned us it was going to be grueling run.

It was more than that.

It was brutal.

And yet each step was a gift. Running under the redwoods, alongside giant ferns and waterfalls.

There were cliffs so steep with gravel so loose, that it was as if I was running a jacobs ladder.  I'd run three feet up and slip a foot down.

I'd crane my neck up to see where my path was leading and I would look see a runner run and disappear into the cloud..... and when I got to that spot.. I'd look up and there it would be another runner up ahead on another higher elevated place. One ridge and then another ridge. And then another. It seemed endless.

I really believe the fact we couldn't see below us.. it kept us moving forward. We had no sense how many miles we had ran. And looking down the cliffs, it was purely gray, so we had no idea how high we had climbed. But it was truly magical. And beautiful. And amazing. And serene.

Can't wait to tackle it again. Just hope it isn't anytime soon.

Here was our route:


Jen said...

Beautiful! So eager to join you out there. And I will!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

The run sounds really tough, but so fun!

doodlegirl said...

Jen! I would LOVE for you to join me! My memory of running that lovely mountain gets sweeter as each day passes.

Tina... you would SO love running up there. Maybe next time you're in the area, contact me. I'll take you up there!

Dan said...

Wow that sounds almost otherworldly! But a big adventure every time you go out there...another great job Shawn! keeeep goin'! :o)

Violet Craft said...

Run, Shawn, Run! I am so proud of you.

doodlegirl said...

Thanks Dan, as always! You really get it!

Violet!! HELLoOoOOOoo! Nice to see you here! Are you still running? Can't wait to see you again! SOON! At Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City in May!!! Can't wait to catch up. (and maybe a run? HA!) ;O)