Friday, February 10, 2006

Listening to Music

When I was a young girl, I always felt self-conscious by the music I loved. The teacher would let us bring in our records to school on Fridays to listen to, and while other kids brought in Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie, I would bashfully hide my Olivia Newton-John and Bread albums under my coat.

The first record I ever bought was The Partridge Family at K-Mart. I remember my dad drove me there so I can buy it with my Christmas money I received. Later, I went on to buy The Defranco Family, The Carpenters, Bobby Goldsboro and Eddie Rabbit. For two cents, I bought Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Pablo Cruise, Peter Frampton, Abba, Barry Manilow, Carly Simon, Carol King and Chicago on 8-track from the back of our TV Guide.

I always felt intimidated with my choice of music until I got out of high school and then it didn't seem to matter anymore.

Now I like all kinds of music.

As you know, Party Shuffle on iTunes is a mix of songs that, if you decide to select it, iTunes chooses and plays 18 songs randomly for you out of your Library.

Here's what's playing on my PARTY SHUFFLE.

01. Beautiful World (colin hay)
02. You're Beautiful (james blunt)
03. Rain (patty griffin)
04. Remember When (alan jackson)
05. Never Saw Blue Like That (shawn colvin)
06. The Power of Orange Knickers (tori amos and damien rice)
07. Don't Panic (cold play)
08. Since You've Been Around (rosie thomas)
09. The One I Love (david gray)
10. Life is Beautiful (amy correia)
11. Flies on the Butter (wynonna)
12. Talk to Me While I'm LIstening (nanci griffith)
14. Operator (toby lightman)
15. Hockey Skates (kathleen edwards)
16. Relatives (christine kane)
17. Don't Wait Too Long (madeleine peyroux)
18. As Good As I Once Was (toby keith)

(what's playing in your iTunes Shuffle)?


liz said...

Here's what's playing on mine. (this might prove to be embarrassing ... and I may want to hide a song or two under MY coat!) :)

1. Everything (Alanis Morissette
2. Behind Closed Doors (Charlie Rich)
3. The Science of your mind (The Comas)
4. Beauty Way (Eliza Gilkyson)
5. How Good Things Are (Jann Arden)
6. They (Jem)
7. Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake)
8. Face Down (Katie Todd Band)
9. Breakaway (Kelly Clarkston)
10. Don't Cry Outloud (melissa Manchester)
11. Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond)
12. Hot in Herre (Nelly)
13. Jolene (Mind Moore)
14. I'll Be Back (Shawn Colvin)
15. Confessions (Usher)
16. Heard it thru the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)

Petunia said...

the last 10 songs that played on my itunes were ....
1) Maybe I - Five for Fighting
2) Survivor - Destiny's Child
3) Have you Ever Been Mellow - Oliva Newton John (blush)
4) What's a Guy Gotta Do - Joe Nichols (I'm from Texas. Yehaw)
5) More To This Life - Steven Curtis Chapman (Stress reliever when I am working)
6) Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
7) Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground. (Great song)
8) Over and Over - Nelly and Tim McGraw
9) When The Sun Goes Down - Kenny Chesney
10) Does Ft Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - George Strait (Did I mention I'm from in Texas)

danny said...

That's cool your teacher let you bring records into class! Our teachers never let us bring in records.
I don't have any on shuffle, but I DID play my old LP records the other night....some songs were...

1. Seagull - Bad Company
2. Man in the Street - Joe Jackson
3. Under a Blood Red Sky - U2
4. Breezin' - George Benson
5. Our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three
6. Utopia - Todd Rundgren
7. Beyond the Universe - Rick Derringer
8. Dog and Butterfly - Heart
9. Lakeside Park - Rush
10. Siberian Khatru - Yes

Dave's blog said...

Oh my gosh! we're connected! I had several David Cassidy albums, posters on my wall, and he was one of my first and greatest musical influences! I went to see him at a casino a couple of years ago,and he was awesome, how "metro" is that? I had the DeFranco Fam Lp, and met my first love over "If" on the bread greatest hits 8-track in High School. No classic rock for me, it was the devil's music in our house!
See ya,

Janet said...

In a music appreciation class in school, we were told to bring records from home for several days, and we would listen and disect the music, etc. I still remember the hideous song I chose to impress the "cool" kids. ( I'm too ashamed to even say what it was).I'm sure Mr Self knew my motives. He was my high school band director,and a really neat guy. Oh...when I was about 13, I had David Cassidy posters all over my room....and I sing the loudest when I'm alone in my car with Carole King and Carly Simon...