Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who let the flys out?

I have these flies buzzing around my kitchen.

I had the door opened earlier in the day to warm up my house and since then, I've had all these buzzing flies just flapping their wings and hitting their heads and bodies against my glass kitchen door wanting to get back outside.

So I opened the door to let them out and they don't seem to notice. They just continue butting their heads against the window door unaware at this wonderful opportunity for them to be set free.

I know people like these flies.

They are trapped for various reasons. They have aspirations and longings to be free, but they, like the flies.. just keep banging their head up against the glass. There are clearly opportunities for them, but they are too busy bumping their heads to notice. Flapping their wings. Exhausting themselves.

I want to shout to the fly that, I, too, have flown the same flight pattern. I want to remind the dear fly to breathe. And when you breathe in, smell for the freshest air. Move toward that freedom. There is life where it's the most fresh. Smell the blossoms. The fragrance of new dreams. Rearrange your thinking. Your plans. Move toward the flow.

You can do it. I'm watching you and motioning you through. Loook! There's an opening. Fly through it!


Monica said...

Am I one of these flys? I think I am, and this was a good boost for me. I need to fly out that window!

danny said...

I could be one of those flies too! I'm here shaaawwn! trying to get through....