Thursday, February 22, 2007

How many of you?

Have you ever googled your name? I do on occasion. Sifting through a myriad of names to recognize if any are me. And then I discovered this site. And I learn there are 272 others in the United States with my same name. And, nearly 90% of these people are men! I figured that. I have to jump through hoops to convince folks I'm really Shawn.

"We can't give you that information over the telephone without Shawn's permission", they tell me smugly. "Please have him call us directly for the balance on his credit card."

How many of you are out there with the same name? And, have you ever met anyone with your complete name before?


Monica said...

There was another Monica Royer in Santa Rosa when I was living there! Once I went to a temp agency and they thought I was her. Freaky!!

violetismycolor said...

There are 108 people in the US named Diane Calhoun (me) according to this website. However, I put in the name of an ex-boyfriend, and it said that there were zero people in the US with that how accurate can this be?

Rayne said...

This is cool! But it said there was '0' people with my name.
I put in my original birth name and there were 8 people with that name.
I am unique!
Which could be bad if I turn to a life of crime, yes?

doodlegirl said...

Oh Monica! I don't know what is more freaky. Two Monica Royers in the same town, or the fact that you both looked alike! A clone with the same name!!

And, Violet (err.. Diane) I just typed in my coworker's name and she doesn't exist either. That's just robbery I tell ya! I typed in Howard Stern and there are supposedly 28 of them and we know at least two of them.

Rayne, it's good you checked your name status before beginning your life of crime. Or change your name to Dave Brown beforehand. I could be wrong, but i am guessing there's a zillion Dave Browns because I think I have known a dozen of them or so myself!

Carie Merrill said...

i looked up my name and it also said 0 people, but I'm unlisted in the phone book. I wonder if Diane's x-boyfriend or if Rayne has their names unlisted. That could make a difference.