Monday, February 5, 2007

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Remember that game as a kid? We'd sit down in a circle facing each other and the person that was it walked around the circle behind us, and as they did, they tapped our heads and said whether or not we were a duck or a goose. Once someone is the goose, they'd get up and chase it around the circle trying to tap that person before they are able to sit in the gooses's spot. If the goose isn't able to do this, they become it for the next round and the game continues.

I loved that game and would sit there on the grass, repeating, "pick me, pick me, pick me..." while my heart beat out of my chest. As soon as they tapped my head, I would be up and running in a flurry. I was a fast runner and would often catch up to it. But other times, I didn't want to catch up to it, because by not catching up, meant I got to become . . . . it. That was even more fun. So I would run as fast as I could just behind it, but never tap their head. So though I lost, I won because I was able to play in the game a bit longer. I would skip around the circle a few times over.. not being able to make up my mind who I wanted to call goose. And if I felt like I wanted to stay in the game longer, I would tap on a head and run slowly to be tapped, so I could play it again! I never understood why no one else stole the game like I did.

I thought of that game after I got tagged by Jannie Ho. Let me tell you something about her that I just discovered this past week.

I have an old box filled with printed out artwork by certain artists whose work has inspired me over the years.

I haven't looked through this box in a few years, but last week when I thumbed through it, I paused at something adorable. Then I caught the name of the artist. I wrote her name on top of the page: Chickengirl Design / July 2004. Imagine that!! That's Jannie Ho! A wonderful artist I just happened upon nearly three years ago!

I had no idea I even knew who she was back then. And now we're playing the same game and she tapped me on the back of my head!

She tagged me to write a list of six weird things about me. That was a hard one for me, believe it or not, but friends of mine had no problem reminding me what they are, so here goes.

Six Weird Things About Me:

1. I have this terrible habit that I'm hardly aware of until someone points it out to me. Whenever someone is talking to me with a really thick accent or in broken english, I respond talking the same voice back to them! I am like a miner bird!

2. Having the soul of a toon, whenever I sneeze, I say "AwWw-Cho0Oo0ooo" and when I knock on someone's door, I knock to the the tune of, "A shave and a haircut, two bits".

3. I unconsciously describe everything by putting the word "little" in front of it. It can be a mansion and I'd say, "That little house is the biggest mansion I've ever seen!"

4. I really don't know how to boil an egg. I have to ask someone first, "Do I put the eggs in when the water is still cold or do I wait til they boil? And, for how long after they start to boil?") I never ever remember.

5. I can find cartoon faces in every day objects.

6. I memorize telephone numbers pretending they are dates. For instance if your number is 389-0704, I would see it as March '89 July 4th.


Doodlestreet said...

I SO do all of these except 2 and 6! Too funny! I noticed I write 'little' a lot, too. I noticed that about a year ago. I wonder why it is we do that? Maybe we were little as kids? I was...or maybe we just see things as delicate and cute and whatnot, so we always use that word. Somehow it makes everything more precious.

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Its amazing to hear that I was in your inspiration box...I am incredibly honored-thank you! BTW I dont know how to boil an egg either. I've done it before although its funny everytime I ask, " do I do this again?"

violetismycolor said...

Believe it or not, I have NEVER played duck, duck, goose. I was a big Red Rover fan, though...and dodgeball, I really loved dodgeball.

Monica said...

I don't think your weird things are weird at all, rather endearing! And I do the same thing every single time I make rice...I can never remember how to do it and have to look on the package every time!

doodlegirl said...

DoodleStreet-- I'm so pleased to know you are sharing into my weirdness. :O) Interesting thoughts on your idea of why we say "little"... I have pondered the same things you have mentioned! :O)

Chickengirl! Thank you for sharing your egg story. I wonder how many of us in this world ask that question everyday? Which is sorta funny since a lotta people describe someone who can't cook as, "She can't even boil an egg!" (hmm. well. maybe they're riiight!) :O)

Violet ... You are missing out on never playing DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE... but I have never played Red Rover. Oh! Wait. Maybe I have! "Red Rover, Red Rover, send .. Violet.. right over.." Did I say that right? I have played that, too! Well, if you liked THAT game, you would have LO0oOved Duck, Duck, Goose. But I do have to agree. DODGEBALL was the game. I LOVED it so much. Better than anything. It was so incredibly thrilling to jump, move, bend from the ball. We would have been fast friends in school.

Aww Monica. You sweet thing. Let me tell you a secret. Make rice like I do. Buy MINUTE RICE, and put equal amounts of rice as water! Perfect rice.
Well. It's perfect rice for someone who can't boil an egg!! :O)

danny said...

That's funny! I never played Duck Duck Goose, but I did play Red Rover, Foursquare, and Dodgeball, though we called it 'Zone Dodge'...
And isn't amazing when you discover friends on here who you already knew!

Rayne said...

I used to do the same exact thing with Duck, Duck, Goose. I loved choosing who the next Goose would be.
I can relate to your egg angst... I still can't remember how to make coffee. Never, ever, let me make you a cup of coffee. It will either come out like sludge or muddy water. The mysteries of coffee making are totally beyond me. On father's day and Scott's b'day I drive to the nearest coffee shop and buy him coffee rather than make it for him myself. I want him to have a nice day, after all.

Janet said...

I played the same way as you. We also played Drop The Hankerchief ( same just dropped the hankerchief behind "IT").
My all time favourite game was Kick The Can!

Michele Miles said...

I know... I am leaving so many comments you're gonna think I'm some weird blog stalker, but -

About putting the word little in front of everything, I sometimes do that. And sometimes when I probably shouldn't. With a guy I know who is not particularly tall, I have said, "You are such a cute, little guy." I meant it in the nicest way. But when I told my husband I said that and that the guy turned red from embarrassment, my husband cringed and covered his face in horror.

So, just because I like you, you may want to avoid the addition of the word little when referring to men.

Okay, I won't be pestering you anyomroe. I'm going to bed. Good night!