Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Text-messaging that is.

An hour ago I received a text message from Margaret in Fort Worth.

With a handful of text messaging experience under my belt, I decide to get fancy and return her text message with a text message: "Let's get together in August!" I type.

Ten minutes later I receive a text message from Nina in Las Vegas who responds with a text-message: "Sounds great! See you then!"

Quickly realizing my error, though relieved it is Nina I just invited to spend time with, I return a text message back to Nina: "Thank you for the birthday card!" I write.

Only to receive a text message back from Stan in New Zealand telling me he didn't know it was my birthday and didn't send me a card.

If this is an indication of what lies ahead for me today, I think I should just go back to bed and cover up my head.


Doodlestreet said...

Does this mean you don't want a blackberry anymore? Does the blackberry get the raspberry?
(Oh, I just think I'm so clever).....groan.

doodlegirl said...

groaaann. heheheehe!

Oh i DO want that. Or, even better, the iphone. I will just hafta LEARN how to text-message. That's all. (By the way, Nina in Las Vegas called me the following day, teasing me as she knew my message was meant for someone else). Everyone's a card! :O)

Rayne said...

I think I have managed to send only one normal text message to the person it was actually meant to go to in my life.
There was the time I got totally pissed at the stupid thing, pounded on a bunch of buttons randomly and then threw the phone on the bed.
I received a text message from my husband with an urgent 'Call me!'
Apparently he had received something like this:
lakd fjdkiekd a! akdire
and thought that maybe I was in serious medical distress.

doodlegirl said...

Oh Rayne. Isn't that typical. Your husband, (who apparently lost his voice) was so worried about you that he took the time to type out a message requesting that YOU call HIM in the moment of your possible medical distress.

We live in a very funny world.

(glad you were okay!) :O)

Michele said...

Wow, I'm so glad I don't text messg. I have enough typos just on the internet. I can't imagine the enemies, harm, chaos I would cause with misspelled words and misdirected messages.