Saturday, July 7, 2007

Turn Around, Don't Drown

The latest signs springing up all over Texas is Turn Around, Don't Drown.

And there was a lot of it. Our estimated drive down to San Antonio from Dallas was 5-1/2 hours. But I had this sinking feeling that it could take us forty-five hours if every time we saw water on the ground, we would turn around.

And there was a lot of it.

It was a good time to leave when we did. The rains had stopped temporarily though there was still a lot of water on the roads.

This photo was taken while driving through Irving.

Here is a photo of Waxahachie. It's a lot prettier when the sun is out. My dear friend, Julie Miller lived in Waxahachie as a young girl so I have a warm affection for this place. There is a wonderful downtown area, but it was raining too hard to stop, so we kept driving.

Another wonderful town to stop in is Hillsboro. They have some nice little antique/junk stores in the old side of town and an outlet mall in the other side. Sometimes I like to stop in the Fossil Store. But. It was raining so hard we decided to keep driving.

Now we're in Waco. What do you think of when you hear the word Waco? Yeah, me, too. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. I kept looking out for people turning around on the freeway, but they kept moving forward which I'm glad they did. I think it would be more unsafe for us to turn around on the freeway into oncoming traffic during the torrential rains. (but then again, maybe that's just me).

We got off the highway to see the small adorable town of Salado. It has some cool looking restaurants and little country shops. I really want to stop and explore this town the next time I am there and when the sun is shining.

There were quite a few accidents. I snapped this photo out my side window while driving in Round Rock. When I look at it now, I feel worried that maybe we should have stopped. The door is wide open. No one is around. Could the driver still be inside? And, if they did leave the scene, don't you think someone would think, 'Oh, let me shut the door?"

We are entering Austin, one of my most favorite places to visit. The yellow lights on the left of the sign says TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN. But nobody was. Can you imagine, everyone slamming their breaks and turning around right there on the freeway? Maybe that's what the driver tried to do in the photo above. I think the sign should read WHEN FLOODS ABOUND, SLOW DOWN.

New Braunsfels is a lovely town. It has a great river flowing through it and it's always fun to ride the inner tub down it. Except for on days like these...

We finally arrived in San Antonio. We thiiiink! From what we can see out of our windows. And we were right. And it was an amazing trip. But I'll talk about it in my next post...


Janet said...

I hope you got a break from the rain in San Antonio! I loved the River Walk there...and pigging out at the food vendors in Market Square!

danny said...

ohmygawwwwd! I had no idea it was raining THAT hard when you were there!
Glad you didn't drown!

Courtney said...

I don't think i have ever seen it that bad and I grew up there. geez.
I hope everything is dry when we get there. I love Austin, one of my favorite places. Some day, we need to coordinate our texas trips.

Doodlestreet said...

Errr..ummmm...don't you need a boat license to drive this this kinda weather?

hendrix said...

Glad you were able to float home. I love the shot with the car and tail lights floating on the street.

roz said...

Holy Cow!
My son was there last week and it looks like he missed the nightmare!
We used to live there and I've seen it get bad but that is um...pretty bad.

kelly said...

Hey Shawn, I am glad you are home safe. See you soon.

Rayne said...

We lived in San Antonio for 8 years and every year we would have floods and every year people would try and drive through the water and their cars would flood out and they would drown. It was just so sad.

ValGalArt said...

Gosh and I thought driving away with the gas nozzle was gnarly... was this another adventure with Travel bud?