Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's just a Paintin' Place

I have been busy.

I spent the past two weekends painting my house. From morning to dusk. And guess what? It always takes so much longer than we expect it will.

I can't tell you how many countless hours I have spent standing across the street and visualizing painting my house. I see it happening in my own mind's eye and from the beginning to the end, I can pretty much accomplish painting the exterior of my home in about three minutes. But. I forget the detail. The behind-the-scenes of the gutters. And the straight line precision of painting under the porch's ceiling. It always takes more time and always double the amount of time of what we think originally. (Double?!?! Maybe ... Quadruple!!)

I used a snake ladder for the most part. (unlike the photo of me where I stood on my $5 garage sale ladder). I would lean it against my home and test the ladder's stability twice before i made the venture upward.

I would dip my brush into the can and then climb my way upward to start painting. After about 15 seconds, my brush would dry up, and I would venture downward to dip my brush and try again. Climbing back up and then climbing down and then climbing up and then climbing down. Sometimes, I would hafta clip away plants away from my house so the ladder could stand there or so I could paint the trim. I was a gardener and a painter.

I feel good tonight. Sore. Yes.

But, after all this was done, I drove to my mom's house to feed her cat as she is away. Then I went to the grocery story to buy food for dinner. I mowed my front and back yard and washed dishes. And while cooking my dinner, I swept the floor. And then swiffer-mopped it. Added new sheets to my bed and donned a lovely bubble bath with candle light. I have been busy. But I also feel good.

It's a perfect Sunday night after all.


Rayne said...

Wow! You are one hardworking lady! I grew up in an old victorian house that needed painting every couple of years. We lived near the beach and salt air is not so good on paint. There was the scraping and the sanding and then all of the little eaves and nooks and crannies and over hangs and extra windows and so on. Oh! And both porches. Now I live in a boring ol'ranch style house and it needs painting and I am totally begging my husband to consider siding.
I love the photo of you standing there with your paintbrush. Total DIY warrior.

brenda Mcshan said...

Your house looks awesome. WoWoWoWoW

Janet said...

Gosh, wore me out just reading about it! What a day!
I have been doing some projects in my house for a few months now.When I finish a project, I hafta go back and turn on the light, and look at it over and over.It's always such a satisfying feeling to get something done!

doodlegirl said...

Oh Rayne! I have nothing but the most utmost respect you did for all that hard work! I was happy that my home was painted just four years earlier before I moved in so it was in tip-top-shape. (Just not my preferred color). It is still hard work, none-the-less and my body is still reminding me of it.

Thaaanks Brenda! Can't wait for you to come visit me and see it in person!

Janet. I so know that feeling! Every time I get a room being in tip-top-shape, I want to spend time in there and then guess what? It gets messy all over again! But it is soo worth cleaning out the clutter and changing things up a bit. Nothing seems to brighten a winter day more than that.

Michele Miles said...

Your house is cute. Don't-cha just love doing something where you see results? And there's nothing like being tired afterward,'Cuz you know you really did something.

Now, I, on the otherhand, I've spent two days trying to fix a computer problem that I just discovered fixed itself after shutting down. I'm worn out! But, unlike you, Shawn, I have nothing to show for it.

doodlegirl said...

After I was talking to a friend about how hard work it was, he said, "I thought you LOVED painting." and the truth is... and I told him this, that "I love the instant transformation." That's why I enjoy painting. It's not the endless, tedious hours of stroking the brush up and down, but of seeing something ordinary turn into something beautiful! So yes!! I so love the results! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer problems, Michele, but happy that they were fixed just by shutting it down. :O)

platitudinal said...

After all those back breaking labor and multi chores, I must say you deserve more than fresh beddings and candle lit bubble bath!

Reason-Devotion said...

I'm not sure if I like painting or not. When you're thinking about doing it, in your minds eye it's meditative and relaxing. The actual reality makes me get very inventive making up new curses, as paint drips on the floor and on my head and I spend half my time wiping up.

I'm currently trying to finish all the decorating on our house super speedy because of a surprise move to LA that's come up!

It's funny, because in a moment of anguish I was wondering out loud if DIY was as popular in the USA as it is over here in England... I thought maybe when in America the fashion was to get it all done for you. But then I saw your post :)

doodlegirl said...

Thanks Platitudinal!! A massage and an extra day to just relax would have been just poifect.

R-D, You are so right! Painting is never as easy it is when we paint from our mind's eye. Or when we see it on TV... such as on the Debbie Travis' Painted House show. (Didja know she was born and raised in Lancashire, in the north of England?)

I'm sending you off with best wishes in your upcoming move to California! Welcome ! I hope you find our state warm in more ways than our weather.

kelly said...

Hey Shawn, I have to get by to see your house. I bet it looks great. I admire all the hard work you do around your home. You are so darned talented. See you tomorrow.

doodlegirl said...

I really do want you all to come to my house for dinner! I will plan something soon. Thank you for your sweet kindness. It's hard work for sure, but if I don't do it... it won't get done. And it sure feels good when I do stuff, despite the stiff neck. see you tomorrow!! (hug)