Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walking the course toward the summit

If it was up to me, I would have sat down
on this bench for awhile to take in the views.

The pathways are steeper than they look. And it sure was a beautiful day!

I was always lagging behind Kelly and Matt
but it was so exciting to finally reach the top!

I believe this is looking toward St. Helena in the Napa Valley.

This is looking toward Santa Rosa which I think
might be Rincon Valley in the distance.

This awesome sign shows all the views from San Francisco to the
Pacific Ocean to all the neighboring towns and cities. You can stand
here and look out and see these awesome views and it's so incredible!
Almost like bein' on a plane. BUT! Better. :O)

I shoulda known better. I do know better.

That. Whenever my sister Kelly invites me on a hike, I really do know it's not a typical hike or at least a hike I daydream about. (We don't slow down to pick up pretty little rocks in the shape of a heart or sit on a bench and take in the beauty of the beautiful Sonoma and Napa valleys that unfold below us).

It's really a training mission for her. I run behind to keep up with her fast pace. My calves scream in pain. My lungs burn. I am so out of shape.

She is going to run the Coyote Two Moon Ultras in Ojai in March. (while i'm laying horizontal, poolside in Palm Springs)

I am tired. And I'm sore. I do feel really good that I pushed myself. I kept thinking of that awesome show The Biggest Loser where they are reeling in agony while pushing forward to live a healthier life.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this... I kept saying to myself in between giant deep breaths. And I did do it. A small feat for Kelly and Matt. A huge accomplishment for me.

I made it to the summit, elevation: two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-nine feet.

It did my heart good. In many ways. I'm ready for more activity. It really does feel good to push ourselves. I never would have done this had it not been Kelly and Matt being with me every step of the way.

So. Thanks Kel. Thanks Matt.
I wanna do this again. Soon.


danny said...

Wow! those are amazing pictures from up there! awww, don't worry about being out of shape, you are very much IN shape...I am quite sure you and your sister Kelly have that 'athletic' gene...
good on ya!

doodlegirl said...

Thanks danny! I wish the camera showed more depth. It was more beautiful and amazing in person!

Jill Williams said...

Oh Shawn! I miss this area! I used to live in that area between 1992-1997 but we got a job transfer. I would give anything to afford to live back there. I hear the home prices are dropping. Maybe one day we can afford to live there once again.
My husband and I and 3 children now live outside of Bloomington, IL.

doodlegirl said...

Outside of Bloomington! Is the town normal?
(I always wanted to say that). :O)

I have friends who work at the State Farm Headquarters there in Bloomington and they live in Normal.

Doodlestreet said...

TWO THOUSAND............... SEVEN HUNDRED .................. AND TWENTY ............ NINE ........... FEET! It feels good to really emphasize just how high that is!! I'm so so proud of you for taking such a long, steep hike! And with elite, highly trained athletes leading the way...I am tremendously impressed you could keep up with them!! You're amazing!

violetismycolor said...

Lovely...did you know that John and I got married on a hilltop in Santa Rosa? My aunt and uncle's house...

doodlegirl said...

Thanks so much doodlestreet, for your encouragement! My legs screamed at me all day yesterday and reminded me that it was indeed that high. I feel encouraged, though, to keep this fitness up.

Hi diane! Thanks for your visit. What a beautiful wedding you must have had. One of my goals is to own a home on a hill with a view.

kelly said...

Good job, Shawn!! I meant to call you, to check up on the status of your leg muscles!! Let's get out on a hike soon, okay? Happy Valentines Day.

doodlegirl said...

Sure! My legs are fine now! So I'm all set to go! :O)