Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling the calm....

The weeds in my yard are now gone and the fertilizer has done its job and now my grass is back to being green. A clean orderly yard is so calming to me.

In the past few months, something has been shifting inside me. I don't know why I am feeling this urgency and desire to take care of my home and yard, but I feel it. And I'm obeying this inner tug.

Ever since I got my kitchen updated, I've had this yearning to declutter my home. I'm Zen-ifying it so to speak. It seems to be taking a long time as I'm only doing one closet at a time... and then one room at a time. Each day I am being more and more mindful of what I keep and what I throw away. By throwing out the clutter, I've noticed the clutter in my head is also being cleaned away.

Usually this sort of tossing things out overwhelms me. But now I'm learning to discover it's reward: Peace of mind. Clarity. A place of calm. I am really experiencing that simplicity is where my heart feels most calm. I have also noticed that since i became aware of my need to have my own personal time, I have attracted that more into my life.

I am no longer coming home from work to a looming deadline.

I had such a lovely weekend. I worked on my house and yard quite a bit but I also enjoyed the pleasure of spending time with friends and family. I didn't do any freelance work this weekend and that is the magic word.

No free lance.

Without it, I concentrated on what I already have. My home. My yard. My family. My friends. My true treasure.

I woke up feeling really happy today. It was like an excited happy, like the last day of school kind of happy. Like wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree happy or like being in love happy.

I feel extraordinary happy and believe I'm exactly where I am supposed to be in my life right at this moment. I am on the right path. And I feel that something wonderfully unexpected is about to happen to me. That probably really sounds crazy. And maybe it is crazy. But I'm crazy happy and keeping my eyes open for the magic.


danny said...

Wow good for you shawn!...maybe having cleaned out all the clutter, and in your yard is what the notion of Feng Shui is all have found flow and harmony!

violetismycolor said...

I am SO with you on this. I love clearing up, cleaning out, getting things pulled together.

Doodlestreet said...

My trusty clutter-buster is still available. Just give the word and it's yours...just don't put metal in's like a microwave and will spark!

Paula Prass said...

oh would i love to be weeding and cleaning. i know it must feel so good to have time for yourself.

hey, will you let me know which hampton inn the michael miller crew will be staying in houston? i understand anything closer is already booked and i still haven't made resvervations. will you be there? hope so.

platitudinal said...

I can't help feeling happy after reading this :)