Saturday, August 30, 2008

Running for president?

Why not. Do I have your vote



Kate said...

No doubt you're qualified!
Will you still blog?
Are you ready to Zen-ify the White House?
What about the sentence in your next blog about waking up really happy? Will you still say that when you are in the Big O office? And what about the statement about being on the right path?
Are you flip-flopping?
Do you have a virtual virtually unknown to be your VP? Can I serve on your vetting team?
What are your campaign colors?
What sign are you? Will people spell your name right? (Already there's been droppings of the "h" in Sarah; who knows what has been done to Barack.
Peace, Shawn.

doodlegirl said...

Hehe! Oh Kate, I hope you become my running mate because no doubt you give me a lot to think about. My sign is Leo, which is undoubtedly the reason why this sudden compulsion to become president. I wanted to be president so I could possibly see the ghost of Abe Lincoln in the Lincoln Room. And I thought it would be fun to have my own in-house concerts and my own airspace whenever I travelled in my own private jet. Maybe I should rethink this. But. Is it too late?

Kate said...

It's never too late, Shawn, especially for a zippy Leo! The ghost of Abe roams Springfield, IL also. We could start here; wait, Obama did that already. Go ahead and arrange for a private in-house concert (live or Memorex). Or is it location, location, location?...the airspace? Well, the catch you threw in is "whenever"...maybe once you could do that, if you know the right people, but every time? Hmmmm. I've done it, work-related, and it is a kick.
What I'm saying is, perhaps we should just campaign just to do the fun duties and leave Barry or John to run the shop. It'd take a lot off their minds if we do.

platitudinal said...

Shawn, you definitely have my vote! :)

Doodlestreet said...

I'm totally stumped on this election.
Seriously, I think I may just write your name under the "other" category.

I bet you have a great platform to run on.

What's your stance on having dessert before dinner?

Anonymous said...

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