Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dooog's Garage Theater brings memories!

I stumbled upon this video while on a google search of a kid's book i wrote in the middle of the 80s called Benny and the Birthday Berries.

I was the camera operator on this very episode ... among other things.

We were working in Pleasanton, California and I would pinch myself every morning before going into work because I couldn't believe I was working at such a fun job. We spent some crazy hours on this. I have a videotape making this film. A fun behind-the-scenes footage incase I ever decided on creating a documentary, which sometimes i still daydream about doing.

I giggle at this video now. It really does appear amateur and when I think back to those fond memories of us working on that video ... I realize the reason why it looks so amateur was because.... we were!


Dan Guerra said...

This is awesome Shawn! yeah isn't it fun to find these old chestnuts from the past that you can look back at and say, I did that! excellent camera work by the way, and Kamela is an excellent puppeteer!

Kate said...

My stumbles included coming across a book I wrote about twins and their shadows. Less exciting, it was a course requirement in my masters' program but I recall having a blast doing it. On my own, inspired by altitude (I think) I wrote "Lla-Lla, the Llama". It was actually a series, about a llama immigrating. You know how to make me dig deeply!

doodlegirl said...

Dan: Kamela IS an excellent puppeteer! What a treasure that she came to work for us and because of that, we continue to be friends today. She is one of my longest lasting friends.

Kate: I wished you posted the link! I would have loved to have seen your book link about twins and their shadows! (Hmmm... gives me an idea. I think I'll go google that now!!!) and I'm impressed you wrote a book on Llamas immigrating. I don't know you well but I do know you enough that you love animals and you are passionate.

Thank you both for your comments!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in seeing your behind the scenes footage. Is there a way we can connect ? - Anthony

Anonymous said...

My email is