Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 at 09:09

I was driving up Hwy 101 from picking a friend up at the San Francisco Airport when I couldn't help but notice the time. I quickly pulled off an exit in Petaluma and took a quick picture. Things like this happen but once in a lifetime.

Or.. until next year when it turns 10:10 on October 1oth!


Teresa said...

Ha! This is crazy! Only YOU would think up something like that! I remember a few months ago you were so excited because your mileage was going to be in the same sequence as your zip code! Only You!

Michael Fleming said...

Another Mini owner! That's one lucky vehicle!

doodlegirl said...

Teresa! Hi! So you remember how excited I was that my mileage was about to turn into my zip code. I got so close and I kept looking down as the numbers flipped and then looked back up to drive and then looked back down... getting closer, closer, closer... and then, just like that, my mind went off to something else, like maybe three minutes and when I looked down again... THE NUMBERS PASSED!!!! Aaarrgghh!!! I completely missed it by like 2 miles. I was sooo disappointed. I wanted to kick myself, but I was still in the car driving.

Michael!!!! YAY! You gotta mini, too, huh?!? Mine is still pretty new! Just put the license plates on it the other day and it has under 2,000 miles. I am loving it!