Thursday, November 5, 2009

Discontinued Fabric

Goodbye Kitty Capers. Goodbye Sea Monkeys.

I just heard these two fabrics I designed are going into retirement. (That's a kind word for saying they're being

It was bound to happen. Not all fabrics can work their entire fabricated lives. I guess I'll just hafta come up with something new! (
And I am!)

Happy Retirement.


Ferris said...

sniff sniff hate to see them go. So wonderful.

ValGalArt said...

Oh no! No more kitty capers? I love those buildings you made in the background :) no more sea monkeys? What are they thinking??? I bet some day they could come out of retirement, you know like a comeback :) Love these Shawn. Have you heard of You could probably win some of their contests because you are so great at patterns and you understand the whole fabric thing.

Dan Guerra said...

Aww no more sea monkeys, those are my favorite. And I don't think I ever saw the kitty capers! those are cool too! Well I'm sure they'll take up a second career, like ballet! :o)

Amy C said...

These are so totally awesome, I really love the sea monkeys

doodlegirl said...

HEY! I just learned that the Sea Monkeys hasn't been discontinued entirely. They will live on in FLANNEL!

Val, I so appreciate you reminding me about Spoonflower. I didn't realize they held contests!!! Thank you for telling me that!!! I will certainly look into that!

Dan... i kinda forgot that I even designed those Kitty Capers. Sad to say that they were never my favorite. I was drawing them and then all-of-a-sudden I was told, "Print it out and place it in the package for the Mill"..

I never posted this line in a blog. I'm sure we all have those stories as artists. Work we have done that could have been so much better if just given a few extra hours or a change of mindset. (siiiiigh)

Thank you Ferris and Amy for dropping by! :O)

life without novacaine said...

Oh, what a shame. I'd love some Kitty Capers for a set of my own pajamas. Very nice work. You SHOULD put it on Spoonflower. I'd buy some fo shizzle!