Sunday, November 29, 2009

You can do it and so can i

it's been an incredible four day weekend. I ran 25 miles this past week. Seems incredible to some. Not so much to others.

But to me, I felt as if I could do annnyyythiiiing!!!!

I was so impressed with meeeee.

I can do it!!

I laughed at times. "Look at meeeee.. i'm still running... six miles later..."

Lahhh-teee-daaaahhh!!! I would sing to myself!!

Six months ago, I was singing a different tune.

"No way".

I could run maybe a block.

But I couldn't run a lap... I knew that.

But now. I can.

I run. I run and I run and I run.

And it's amazing.

Now I know if you can set some goals you can meet them. I promise you that.

Just like my miles. If you push yourself a little bit each week, you'll be amazed at what you can do. I'm not kidding you!!

And I know you can do it. And you will.... and I will, too. Together. You and I.

It's us! The Sisters and Sister-in-Laws. Whadda Group!!


Dan Guerra said...

Truly inspiring Shawn! seriously!...I was never into running, and I know you weren't either too much, but now this!!
And thanks for your comment on my blog earlier, hmmm maybe motivational speaker is in your future! :o)

Dan Guerra said...

Oh and I remembered a great quote by Wayne Gretzky, "A hundred percent of the shots you never take are going to be misses."

Amber said...

Wow Shawn! I'm truly impressed by your running. You really live in a beautiful place. "Run Shawn Run!"

doodlegirl said...

100% of those shots I never take are going to be misses! How true! Well.. I'm certainly shooting now. I know at any given moment I can change my mind and decide not to run. I need to really push myself to go beyond. Thanks Dan for your words.

And thank you Amber for dropping by and giving me a shout-out!! :O)