Saturday, April 10, 2010

14-mile race tomorrow in the rain

Heidi called me this morning.

"Shawn, I know you and Angie might be running the relay team as partners tomorrow but I want to run both legs of the race. Do you guys wanna, too?"

To be honest, I had given up the idea of running in this race. I didn't get a confirmation back from Angie that she would run the race with me, and besides, the weather forecast calls for a cold steady rain all day. So I gave it up in my mind.  Didn't want to run seven miles in the rain. Actually felt relieved I didn't hear back from Angie.

As Heidi and I were starting to feel reluctance in running the full 14 miles and maybe run as a relay team together if Angie bails, Angie called Heidi and said, "Yes!"  She was willing to run the entire 14 miles with us. 

Then that settled it. Angie, Heidi and I are going to run both legs of the relay race tomorrow.

And, yes,  i'm ...  nervous!

I know i can do it. But I haven't been running on a consistent basis and I have never run that far before in my life, though it's just a little over a mile further than the half-marathon I ran back in February.

It's up at Annadel State Park and will cover a lot of hills.  Muddy hills. But after wading through the icy stream last weekend, I now know not to run around those puddles but to run through them. And, besides that, with all that rain, my shoes will be water-logged anyway.

I better go see if I have any clean running clothes. And I'll drink plenty of water.  Tomorrow morning is coming quickly.  Wish me luck.


Dan Guerra said...

Wow! okay gooood luck tomorrow Shawn! Man that rain seems to schedule itself during your runs! Like washing your car! :o)
And 14 miles too, that's reeeally gettin' up there! Good goin'!

doodlegirl said...

oh yeahh! That's riiight! Rain on cue! Like right after washing the car, if I schedule a run, rain is inevitable!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Well, you already know you can run in wet shoes! 14 miles is only a little bit farther than a half! You can do it!

Fletch said...

Go Girl!!! I like the way you think!! Praying for you.

bren said...

GOOD LUCK SHAWN. Hope the rain isnt too brutal!

doodlegirl said...

I thought of you Tina while I was out running... i remembered what you said and I kept repeating to myself, "I can run in wet shoes!!!" and I did! As it was soooo wet out there, constant rain and so much mud and flowing streams!

I so appreciate you Fletch! And thank you for your prayers. They pushed me moving... when I didn't wanna move.

And Bren... always a delight to hear from you! Thanks for the good wishes! It was FUN! (especially now that it's all over and done with)! :O)

Jen and Angela said...

Did you find some clean running clothes? How long did they stay that way? You are a stud-ette. Looking forward to your report! Jen