Sunday, December 26, 2010

The morning after Christmas run

What a great morning to run.

It was raining hard during the night and so I felt relieved that the rains had subsided when the alarm woke me this morning. I jumped out of bed and felt pretty confident that it was going to be a great morning.

What I didn't know then was that it was going to be a terrific morning!

I wore my brand new Christmas present.. a bright blue long sleeve running shirt and my Swansboro, North Carolina cap. I felt toasty amidst the cool dampness in the air and the cold waters we waded through.

It's rewarding running with a group of friends. I would not have ran this morning if I was out there plugging alone. No way would I have done that.

There is strength among numbers.

Dennis fell.

I didn't see him as I was too busy looking down, dancing over rocks under my own feet... but I heard he made a spectacular flight into mid-air in slow-motion before landing in mud and sliding his way down the trail. He feels great, though. No sore muscles or skinned knees. They're the best kind of falls.

Because once you fall, you're never the same.

You run with more caution. But it's lovely when that first fall takes place, it is relatively painless... because moving forward you run with caution, but you don't necessarily run with fear.

The recent rains have changed our runs. We had to push ourselves through lots of chilly streams. But it was all worth it.

Last year, we worried about getting our feet wet. Now Heidi jumps in with fearless abandonment.

Running is fun. And this is my playground. Wishing you to find your playground today. Wherever, whatever it is.


danny said...

Wow what an adventure! You make it sound so fun! And it IS fun when you do it with a group of friends...just like being kids, running and playing in the mud! Some things never get outdated! :o)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

What a pretty place to run! I like the creek and the moss on the trees.

Bethany Hissong said...

Wow.. you really do run.. this is not for wimps!! ;) You are so inspiring. I am definitely starting this year. My only problem is that I'd want to stop and photograph all this beauty!

doodlegirl said...

Run when you can and walk when you can. It's really been an adventure. Something that is still new to me. Find some running/walking buddies. Your adventure will be amazing. I promise! :O)

Jen said...

Great photos, great fun! I'm back to blogging. I've missed you guys. And it was so fun hanging with you in the wine country! xoxo