Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Running in a Winter Storm

What a night!

Four of us running the hills tonight. One of our first (and hardest) winter storms of the season. Forceful rain. Strong wind. At times, wind gusts hit us at 40 mph. The rain hit us sideways. We were drenched to the bone... running 5-1/2 miles up and down hills in the darkest of night.

I am now warm and dry after taking a hot shower. It seems as if this happened at least a week ago, but it was really just a couple of hours ago.
Funny.  What happens when you experience a storm. 

You either focus on the storm or you don't. 

I guess the storm just wasn't my focus. 

I remember the run. And it was kinda fun. Yet hard. And I feel happy I didn't allow the storm to deter me.  I'm happy there were three others who joined me who thought the same thing. Who laughed their way through the rain and the wind and enjoyed it as much as I did.

I just think I might be a runner now. Ya know? Those types of athletes who push themselves forward regardless of the weather.  I did that tonight and it was pretty fun.

I'm so happy I pushed myself past the feelings of "I really don't feel like running the hills in the storm tonight"... to... "I just ran an incredible experience".

It is changing me... everyday.. in small positive steps each part of the way.


Bethany Hissong said...

I think you are definitely a runner now! I love that you went anyways and I can just imagine the storm... energizing!

Dennis said...

Experiencing the elements with others, does make it more fun. I wondered what you all must have been thinking going into that storm. Scheduling that run a few day's earlier. It was agreed RAIN or SHINE. You showed up with a smile and dry clothes and finished
an hour later with a bigger grin on your face and waterlogged clothes and shoes. The energy of the storm was intense. The energy of the group Inspiring.
Showing Up Rain or Shine. In the back of my mind I was hoping for SHINE. DEN

Dan Guerra said...

Wow what an adventure that must have been!...I'm sure the before, during, and after changed along the way from dread to exuberance! Way to go Shawn!

Jen said...

Yes, my dear, you are a bona fide runner. Running in the rain washes us clean of all those nasty sins. Plus, it always makes me feel like a bad ass :)

John said...

Shawn, I enjoy seeing you on our runs. You always have a happy attitude and it definately rubs off on me.

If you can do a prom print, a Dirt diva trail print can't be far behind! you have some great female models to choose from in the trail group, and some guys who look straight out of toon town as well...

Keep writing and running.