Friday, May 6, 2011

Memory Strategies

She said... "Help me remember channel 220."

I said, "That's easy! Think of that old TV show Room 222. Then think of Dolly Parton singin' "Two doors down, they're laughing and drinking and having a party.." What room is two doors down? 220!"

I smiled to myself at my quick logic to help her remember the channel.

She looked at me in disbelief. "Okay!"

I once lived at 2001 Range Avenue in Apt 222.

It was so easy to remember my address:
Movie: 2001 Leagues under the Sea...
Song: Home on the Range.
TV Show: Room 222!!

(That '60s show again starring Karen Valentine comes in handy a lot!)

But sometimes you just have to pretend numbers are inanimate objects. Like that time when I had to pick a friend up at a diner in the City at 983 6th Street. The ONLY way I could remember the address was think....  "If nine ate three... it leaves six."

I try to convince others how easy it is to remember things if they just create a story in their head.

They stare at my blankly. "Isn't it easier to just remember the number than to recall the story?"

I suppose it is for most things. But I've never remembered it any other way. I've always created a story.
It's something I've been doing all my life.

Like how else would I have remembered when a friend fell in love for the first time back in May 1980? It was because she said she felt fireworks when he kissed her.  M80s are large illegal firecrackers... that can cause harm, which come to think of it... the guy eventually DID break her heart .. so for now on, whenever I think of Lisa and her first boyfriend, i think of M80s: May 80.

In the late 90s, I taught my very young niece my telephone number: (Fourteen-Fifteen) Four-Five-Six- One Six-Two Six, pick up sticks.)  The pick up sticks was just a fun rhyme, but the actual number was 1 (415) 456-1626.

See what I mean? I don't know why I think like that. But I do.


Dan said...

That's so funny Shawn! and it makes so much sense! Another easy way to remember May 1980, it's when Mt. Saint Helens erupted!!

Jen said...

Funny! Kerry is working on his memory as he thinks he's at an "advanced age" The way I look at it, the less you remember, the easier life is. Less thinking! How's Kelly mending?

doodlegirl said...

Hmm Dan. Now I gotta remember that Mt Saint Helens erupted in May 1980.. guess I can still use the M80s since it exploded like a firecracker.

And Jen.. you are right. Less thinking DOES make life easier and your head less heavy. Kelly is doing major power walks. Something like 45 miles a week up in the hills!!! But she's still in a lot of pain. :O(