Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City

In under two weeks before Quilt Market, I managed to pull off creating ten 4x8 foot panels made of my superheroes and eight other large cut-out superheros for our booth. Not to mention logo designs, bag labels, water bottle labels and other various designs at the last minute.

I loved it!  I was in my element. And, isn't that the whole point? Work should feel delicious and rewarding and make your insides full of giddy.

The tables were covered in both my Lolly Dot print and Superhero City Nights. People dressed as my superheroes and for a moment there, seeing all my work showcased, I, too, felt for a few days ... super happy. Super satisfied. Superheroe'd out. I am thankful. I'm lucky, so blessed, with good health, somewhat decent genes and doing work that I love.

I flew into Salt Lake City for a few days and videotaped the events using a Flip Videocamera. I returned back to our Studio and edited hours down to just a few minutes. 

You can watch it here. (remember to turn on your sound). We really do have that much fun at our shows.  Thanks for watching.

1 comment:

Dan Guerra said...

That's Super Shaaaawn! yeah it is awesome when you have a passion for your work, and you do!
Take a bow Shawn! Great job!!