Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Dinner with Bernie

I had dinner with a really old friend tonight.

Not **old**. But a good friend from a long, long time ago.

I called her out of the blue. Seventeen years out of the blue. Because I was thinking of her. And I missed her for some reason.

I had her telephone number still memorized because it is similar to my childhood telephone number. We have a kindred spirit. I decided not to worry that it had been so long ago, and I picked up the phone and dialed before I could think about it. She answered and we chatted for an hour or so and we said "let's get together for dinner some time".

It's one thing to SAY "let's get together" and it's another thing to actually do it. Afterall, it has been 17 years.

WHO has energy to visit someone after 17 years? Heck. If we haven't kept in touch all these years, why start now?

Well. WHY not?

Tonight we did.

It was as if only a week had passed. It was so wonderful. She hadn't aged at all. She talked of her children who have grown into fine adults. Her darling husband called and checked on her as she drove me to my car. We needed so much time to catch up. Three hours had passed but it wasn't enough. I was sad when our get-together was finally over.

I already miss her.

Do me a favor. Friends really are important in one's life.
Never lose touch. If you really have a good friend. Keep in touch. Call them. Arrange for a dinner.

Never pass up a good ole friend, ever.
They are as good as gold.

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danny said...

hear hear! great story, it reminded me of a conversation with an old friend I had last night.
We talked about our friend Rory, who we haven't spoken to in years, and vowed to try to find him again.