Monday, June 20, 2005

I Have a New Friend

The night before last, I quickly caught a glimpse of a calico cat standing on the back fence. "Awww.. a kitty on my fence," I thought. I LOVE having kitties in my yard. I never thought any more of it again.

Yesterday, while hanging my humming bird feeder back up on its hook, I caught a quick glimpse of the same calico cat in my backyard near where I saw her the previous night. This time she had jumped down and was on the ground. She just kept staring at me.

"Hiiiii" I said. I kneeled down closer to the ground, and this adorable cat ran up to me. I petted her for probably a half hour or more. She purred the entire time.

Today, I saw her again. Same area in my yard, just staring at my house. I said, "Hiiiiii kitty". She hopped over my grass blades and I petted her again. Then I left to go on errands. I returned nearly three hours later and she was still in my backyard.

I petted her again. She doesn't have any tags. She seems nourished, but her eyes appear sad.

I don't know who her owners are. I don't know her story. I am careful; cautious. I do not want to give more attention than her own family gives her. I do not want to steal her away. But do not want to shoo her away if she is need of a home and love.

I just now went to my kitchen. I opened up my backdoor and looked out. She is not there. I am hoping she is fast asleep on her owner's lap and all is well with the world and with her.

But, if not, and there is no happy home to come home to, then I hope to see her in my backyard tomorrow.


Petunia said...

Good friends are hard to come. Sweet story.

Craigster said...

I'm so glad you're being so sweet to the poor kitty. Love it as much as you can.

danny said...

I bet the kitty feels like she has a new friend too, and plans to come visit every day!

paige said...

Awh! I'm really enjoying your blog entries. They are very honest and sweet. Sounds like this kitty has good instinct in finding a new friend.