Monday, April 3, 2006

Eye Test

How many Fs do you see in the text above? Go ahead and count them.

There are six Fs in there. Go back and read it again.

You know why you didn't count six? Apparently, the brain can't process the word "OF".

The other day I came across someone who couldn't process the word "NO", but that's another story.


Janet said...

I was surprised...I had to look a couple times to see them.

c h e l said...

I can relate!! :)

Vianna said...

SIX Fs? I keep trying!! At first I only found three Fs. Then after a long time, I found four. Then five. I'm STILL trying to five SIX Fs. (thanks for sharing this. This is fun!) Except I fee Like a Looneybin!!

Eric Smith said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment on my site. I am also a huge CS Lewis fan and I totally agree with your statement about underlining. He has a gift for bringing difficult concepts down to earth so everyone can enjoy them.

I counted 5 f's. I missed the last one even though I have done that test before.

petunia said...

I counted five. My brain doesn't process alot these days though. Seems that happend once I hit 40. sigh.

ValGalArt said...

weird!I saw 4 than after reading I saw the of's. Yer so funny!!!