Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Paint By Desire

So, the other night I decided to start painting on a 24x36 canvas. Without having an easel, I always lean my paintings against the wall, while I sit or kneel or crouch on the floor to paint.

Paintings always looks so easy to do when you see them hanging on a wall in someone else's house. "I can do that!" I find myself saying all the time. "That looks easy enough!" I can see the painting in my imagination, but what comes out of my brush onto the canvas is completely different. Much like my singing voice. And now that I think about it, it's no different than my gift-wrapping efforts as well.

I am learning that painting a picture is hard work and can't be done overnight.

When I was a kid, I would sometimes have those coloring activity books that had dots inside the drawings. This was to inform me that I could use my water color paints on it. But no matter how many times I would paint in those coloring books, the paint always seem to seep through the pages. And I never understood what all those dots were about anyway.

I loved painting-by-numbers. Remember them? You never had to make any decisions about what the colors should be like or what to paint, because it was all written out for you. I still really like the style of the bold colors and the shading. It looks so easy to do. Not really any blending at all.

But, of course, it's never easy.

Unless you're a painter.

I'm not that patient when it comes to painting.

So there I was, squatting on the floor painting, when I decided to paint a straight line and I was too shaky, so I used the blue tape one uses when painting the interior walls of a home. I taped it where I wanted the line to be straight. But I was so thrilled by thinking of that grand idea, I didn't wait for the paint to dry before ripping off the tape to see my perfect straight line.

Of course, the paint smeared.

Shaken, I stood up to step back to see my painting more clearly, when I accidently kicked the water glass over filled with a mucky orangy-greenish-blue paint. It was disastrous.

As hard as I could, I wasn't able to scrub the large stain out of my living room carpet.

Remember when I spoke of my desire of pulling out my carpet? I think I'll be pulling it up sooner than later. Because right now, all I can see when I walk toward the kitchen is the stain. I know my hardwood floors will have stains, as well. But I'm ready for the change and I'm ready for the new challenges.

Wish me well. Any recommendatons/suggestions accepted.


Janet said...

Maybe it's a sign...to go ahead and pull up that carpet. Maybe you will be lucky, and the floor will be beautiful....and if it has a little wear...well, think of it as character!

Rayne said...

My daughter had wanted a huge canvas for quite a while so for her 16th b'day we got her one. I think it's 20 something inches by 30 something inches. She did a major dance of joy and she bubbled forth with ideas. Her b'day was in November and for months it sat there white as ever. A little over a month ago she removed the plastic and I thought, "At last! She is finally going to do something!" but nope. Not yet. Then, last weekend she painted it a deep indigo purply color. And still it sits. She said she didn't think it would be so over whelming.
I can completely relate to getting stuff set up, knowing I'm going to paint/draw/sketch the perfect thing and then totally screw it up and dump the water and drop the brushes and go off on completely different tangents and I just wrote you a novella didn't I? Sorry. In a mood to babble.