Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Julie

Today is Julie's birthday.

She is, happily for me, a good friend of mine.

Years ago, in our early twenties, and before she was married to Buddy, she and I travelled around the country in a mazda with a broken-down air conditioner during the summer that lasted several years.

I remember while living in New York City, for a time, we hung out with the then unknown singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin. Shawn had one of those flats that had a toilet in her kitchen. And, I remember Shawn bathing, while I sat on the toilet while Julie heated water for tea at the same time.

Julie and I didn't have much money back then. We'd practically live off a slice of cheese pizza a day.

I remember one time Julie was opening for another band and as we drove through the City, she waved her dress out the window to iron it out.

Another time, while in Tulsa, we were selling records and Julie never felt comfortable selling records. Ever.

And, one day, I offered to write BUY SETS on the back of her eye lids. I really did believe customers would read her message sublimely and buy an entire set of records. Dear sweet Julie truly believed in me. She handed me her eye liner pencil and I wrote BUY on on eye lid and SETS on the other and to this day, still feel a sting in my heart when I remember that day. Within moments, all Julie had were dark smudges around her eyes. And, I don't recall Julie selling a single record because of my bright idea.

Julie is my lifetime friend. She saved me in so many ways. She is my walking angel in my life.

While nearly murdered and lying in a hospital bed in Olympia, Julie rushed to my side and spent the entire night with me before my mom and sister flew up to take care of me.

I flew into Dallas yesterday.

I met Julie in East Texas. Being back here and coupled with her birthday, I can't stop thinking of her. I spent an evening with friends in the outskirts of Dallas tonight in a small town called Midlothian.

Maybe it's the hot summer night. Maybe it's the way the trees grow out here. Or the stars shining so brightly in the night sky. Maybe it's because Midlothian reminds me of a chapter in the bible.

I miss you, Julie. In a very huge way.

May your birthday bring you all the tender joys and magic life can bring.

You live in my heart forever.


danny said...

In today's paper, the Press Democrat, there's a small section of celebrity birthdays and sure enough, there was Julie....I will never forget the song "Captain" by Casey Chambers in which Julie sang backup. I could tell that her soul was there within her voice...bless her....

Monica said...

She is lucky to have you as a friend, too. That is a lovely tribute and anyone that would write that surely deserves the kind of friendship that you guys have together. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Texas!

ValGalArt said...

This is a beautiful post and such a sweet and tender friendship filled with wonderful memories...

Rayne said...

This post was so wonderfully melancholy. If it were a movie Julie should have been in the doorway waiting for you to look up as you hit 'post'.

Courtney said...

ah, east texas. ever heard of jacksonville or rusk? i had a nightmare last night that i had to move back to a very desolute trailer park that i escaped so many years ago. yet, i miss my grandmother's house so badly that i dream of it at least once a week. the difference is not between the trailer home and the house but the grandmother who loved me in the house with black shutters, window ac and pecan tree.