Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Blazing Hot!


It's a scorching 109 degrees here in Dallas and it's 9 pm. The earth feels so parched. The locusts are singing their songs. Belting out really loud at times. (or yelling!)

I fly into San Francisco tomorrow. My aunt who lives in San Bruno tells me, "Oh Shawnee, it's so hot, but I got on my sweatshirt!"

I've been having such a wonderful time despite this intense heat.

We took a road trip down to Austin for a few days. We stayed a couple of nights at the funky, yet trendy Austin Motel.. in a cool room near by the pool on S. Congress Avenue.

Each morning we'd walk next door to Jo's Coffee Shop and the first morning we ordered a hot coffee, but this morning we ordered an iced-coffee and I think we walked with our backs so straight from feeling proud of our order, I think I pulled a muscle.

We met my San Francisco pals, Wes and his wife, Kyle at Barton Springs. I felt like I was living in the past watching the people swim. And, especially when a tired out cowboy rodeo clown introduced us to his dog saying, "He starred in Billy Bob's movie THE ALAMO." And then invited us to spend an evening with him watching the Play on the hillside overlooking Barton Springs: "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers", which we politely declined.

taught me something he picked up since he's moved to Texas.

He said, "Folks can gossip as much as they want about somebody, just as long as they finish their sentence with: "Bless their heart".

For example: "Can you believe Miss Lucille was bendin' over at the local Piggly Wiggly when her dress hiked up and it exposed her "Sunday" undies and it's Tuesday afternoon?! (sigh). (a few moments). "Bless her heart."

It's still blazing hot. But, I will miss this place and the people here when I go.


Rayne said...

I like the Robertson's Hams ~ Real Beef Jerky sign.
When we used to do a lot of driving in the south east I loved seeing the small town restaurants and checking out their specials. Gator stew and Gator jerky were good as was 'Possum Stew. All in La. Never did find out if the Possum Stew was real though. I never had the courage to eat at those places. I am such a culinary coward.

danny said...

That sounded like a great trip! I love that Austin Motel, so retro, with the metal umbrellas and deck chairs...so 'route 66'!

Dave's blog said...

Hey Shawn, I'll never forget my 6 week stint in Austin, although I'd like to! I think it would good to see it now, if I didn't have to sell something, or preach on a corner.

Courtney said...

i will always miss austin. the funky-ness is hard to match.