Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Mac is unstable

I love my Mac, but it's been giving me some problems. It's not even two years old and for the past few months, I've hauled this large computer to our local Apple store three times already for the Mac Genuis to take to test it out and each time, he says, "it tested out okay" and then deletes everything off it and reinstalls my system.

Each time I lose everything I have.

I miss my itunes. (especially the ones I paid for and the free ones I download on Tuesdays that I never made backup copies of). I miss even more my personal photographs I store in iPhotos. Losing email addresses of friends, letters I have saved, personal illustrations and designs and then, what really catches me by surprise, is the loss of the bookmarks of blogs and inspiring places I visit during my free time.

I really do miss these unmet people who's lives have touched mine in such an intimate modern way.

I miss the woman back east who kept posting her home improvement projects online. And the artist's work who walks a mile out of town everyday to draw a picture of what she sees. There was a couple in Seattle who was trying to sell their house and I enjoyed reading their progress. Did they sell it? I won't ever know now. Another blogger who kept me entertained by drawing the backs of people's heads while she attended church. And, another blogger who was stricken with breast cancer. The last time I read her blog, she was going in for another round of chemo. How is she now?

The season has changed from Summer to Fall. I can feel it. The air next to me is warm but when I extend my hand, I feel a touch of cool nipping at my fingers. Soon the leaves will turn from green to yellow and red and orange and then slowly drop to the ground.

And this season begins another cycle. A new season. A new season of blogs I will enjoy and bookmark until the computer might crash again and the cycle begins again. I know this sounds silly (even to me) but I really do miss those whos lives have touched mine over the internet even though they may not be aware they have. And the days feel a bit cooler because of my loss.


Janet said...

Sorry you are having such trouble! I sent you a coupla links which may be two that you have lost.

danny said...

That's a bummer about losing things on the computer. Isn't it amazing how we've come to depend on those machines on so many levels? Hopefully you'll find those blogs again, or they'll find you...because you're as much an inspiration to others too!

Rayne said...

Hi Shawn,
Sorry I haven't been around. Trying to get my feet back under me and what not and slowly catching up with everything. Did you know there are services, free ones, that allow you to store your bookmarks on line? I haven't used any because I and have a severe case of 'that won't happen to me again'. I am a doink. Anyway, if you google 'store your bookmarks online' you come up with things like this
Maybe this will help?