Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was fast asleep when in the distance I awoke to a sneeze. It sounded at least a few houses away.

Nothing huge and explosive. Just a polite, sweet little.. "choooo". I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling wondering if I whispered god bless you would that person hear it? If I could hear the sneeze. Then, couldn't he hear my response back?

I was nervous to find out, so I rolled back over and fell back to sleep.

I told that story to a friend and he rambled on and on about how sound travels on cool, windless nights and that a low noise could be heard as far as six miles away.

Six miles away!

I mentioned that to another friend who thought that was absurd!

But, I didn't.

Because there is nothing more resounding than an expected phone call that never rings.

Or the deafening silence that follows the question, "you still love me, don't you?"

Or hearing a heart shatter into a million pieces after hearing a loved one has died.

So ... no. All of a sudden, six miles doesn't seem so far away.


danny said...

Well, next time you hear a sneeze, go ahead and say 'bless you!' and see if they say, 'thank you!'

violetismycolor said...

that six-mile thing sounds a little odd...but it couldn't hurt to say 'bless you'...

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Hey Doodlegirl, you have been tagged by me. Please visit my blog.

Doodlestreet said...

When I lived up on the Washington coast, I bought a kayak and had the most fun all summer out on the ocean there. (Ocean kayaking is the BEST). So much fun, that one day I paddled wayyyyyyy out there. I was all alone. Just me, the water and complete silence. So I thought, hmmmm, I think I'll sing a bit.
"Laaa deee daddd deee daaaaa!! Sing! Sing! Sing!" As loud as I please...after all, even though I'm a terrible singer, no one will hear.."Laaa dee dahhhhh de dahhhh!"
So I paddle around a little more and get tired and decided to go back in. Just as I'm about to reach shore, all the people there, about 20 of em, stand up and start clapping!!
(Oh gawd....). sigh...

Yep...sound carries, alright.