Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Bird

I was just visiting Chickengirl's blog and for fun, she took The Sesame Street Personality Quiz. She's Bert! Her favorite character! I never watched too much Sesame Street so I wouldn't know who my favorite character is. But since I decided to take the quiz and discoverd I have the personality of Big Bird, guess who my favorite character is now?

Who are you?

You Are Big Bird

Talented, smart, and friendly... you're also one of the sanest people around.

You are usually feeling: Happy. From riding a unicycle to writing poetry, you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy.

You are famous for: Being a friend to everyone. Even the grumpiest person gets along with you.

How you live your life: Joyfully. "Super. Duper. Flooper."


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

hahah! Thats great!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the cookie Monster! That explains my crazy eyes and enourmous sweet tooth.


Doodlestreet said...

Oh man, oh man...this is SO YOU! Sunny and bright personality...and blonde! Although I've only seen you in photos...I'm guessing you aren't quite that tall :)

SO I don't think I need to take that test to tell you who I am these days...who's the green guy that lives in the garbage can and is A GROUCH! Is it Oscar?

Courtney said...

I was big bird too. I thought it was funny cause I always found him mildly annoying. I wanted to be grover or cookie monster. Well, at least everyone likes us. :)

Rayne said...

This is so not fair! You got Big Bird and I got Elmo! I hate Elmo. He annoys the crap out of me!

platitudinal said...

Thanks for the fun link. I’m Ernie! Now I know why I can’t keep be serious longer than 5 minutes! :) Gleaning from your writings and comments, you are definitely a big bird! Joyful and packed to the brim (or runneth over) with “Super. Duper. Flooper."