Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just looked at the 10-day weather forecast for Dallas and San Antonio. Scattered Thunder Storms every single day I'm there. It rained 20 inches today in one of those towns. In one day.

I fly out of San Francisco tomorrow night and arrive in Dallas at midnight. We'll take a roadrip to San Antonio for a few days over July 4th to do the riverwalk. 'Course.. with all this rain, I think we can walk anywhere and it would be classified as a river walk.

One thing for certain. Other than the rain. I will be in for an adventure. I will try and post while I'm there and let you know what that adventure entails....

Have a wonderful week!


Doodlestreet said...

Yee Hawwwww! Take your rubber boots and slicker!
And get that quote know the one..."Bless your heart"!
Have a great trip..pack your paddle.

platitudinal said...

Have a safe trip and exciting adventure. Looking forward to hear all about it.

Courtney said...

how long will you be in texas? i'm going down july 11th. it would be great if we could meet up!

doodlegirl said...

Oh Courtney! I'm so disappointed I am going to miss you there!!!!! The amount of times we go to Texas, I'm just sure our paths will cross at some point. I hope it won't be on a flooded road and one is going forward and the other is turning around and we pass that way! :O)