Monday, June 25, 2007

Pennies from Heaven


There are no words to really describe this past weekend. What a delight. Spending it with family and friends, supporting my sister. What could be better? It really stirred deep pieces of my heart watching Kelly on her 100-mile endurance race.

I am home now, back at work, but the memories keep flashing over and over in my head like a quick time movie in a loop.

Little sleep, hours on the hidden dirt trails high in the Sierras, a rattle snake encounter and a weekend filled with a mouthful of dust... sounds like I'm describing my sister's experience on the trails but this was all mine!

It truly was such an extraordinary time.

Kelly ran hard to meet her goal and then some in completing the race in under 24 hours.
Thank you for being so sweet and supportive in your comments to me. And for those who wrote me private emails as well. And for watching her progress online. It really meant a lot to me. (and to her!)

Uta, a long-time family friend/nextdoor neighbor lost her young son Andy in a tragic accident. Kelly wears a blue wristband with his name on it and wears it on all her runs. "It's like I'm taking Andy with me on all my journeys..." she tells us. "He's running with me."

Uta was with us this weekend and she told me that she believes Andy sends her a sign that he's there by dropping pennies from heaven. She finds them in the most unexpected places.

Just when I was taking the photo of Kelly running at the 72-mile-mark, (see right photo) at Michigan Bluff, Uta looked down and found a penny laying there at her feet. She knew it was Andy. He really was there after all. Just like Kelly knew he would be.

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" ... t. s. eliot


Rayne said...

You're sister is fantastic. I am so impressed by her.
Rattlesnake encounter??? Tell! Tell!
And the pennies from heaven, beautiful. So sweet. I will not look at pennies the same any more, I will think of Andy and others that have been lost when I find them on the ground.

kelly said...

Thanks, Shawn, for all the wonderful support and encouragement you gave me on my journey. I love you very much.

platitudinal said...

Shawn, thank you for this wonderful post. Thank you for letting us see your enthusiasm and love for your sister, and hers for you. And, that tender story of pennies from heaven sign. My heart goes for Uta.