Sunday, September 23, 2007

My father and me

Growing up, I was always told I look just like my father.

And I did. And I do. As a baby, I certainly did.

And now, growing older, I recognize my eyes in him when I stare into the mirror. And my nose. Yesterday I was told I have his mouth.

Whenever he smiled and now when I smile, there is a pucker of skin around my upper left hand smile that we both share. Not surprising. After all, I am his daughter.

He died way too young. In another 12 or 13 years I will have outlived him.

I often wonder what he would think of his children now. My sister. My brother. And me.

Certainly proud of us all. Each of us are living out an element of one of his dreams. And. I believe even though he's no longer alive, he is aware of our accomplishments. I truly believe that.

I tried to pose myself in the same position of my father's photo. I think my ears are flatter. My mom prayed we'd have flat ears. I never heard of that. Mothers praying for their children to have flat ears. (Or maybe she prayed He would spare us from bony legs. In both cases, God granted her wish). I can't even carry a pencil behind it. I have tried. Once I crammed it behind there... and then gave it a few seconds and it automatically popped up and vaulted across the room like a rocket ship.

Well. Even though I may look like my father, I am not my father. I actually have the personality of my mother. But still, I am completely me. And today, I'm off to make the most of it. I will make choices that add enjoyment and goodness to my life the best way I know how.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, too.


Michele Miles said...

Shawn -

You definitely have your father's eyes. He was a very handsome man! And you are lovely.

Was he in the Navy? Is that a naval uniform he's wearing?

I'm so sorry you lost your father too early. He and your mother blessed you with beauty within and without.

Michele Miles said...

Oops... beauty within makes sense. But without doesn't. I meant they blessed you with beauty on the inside and out.

Doodlestreet said...

Ahhhh...papa's little girl for sure.--darling.
Movie star photos...the both of them.

doodlegirl said...

Hi Michele! Thank you for your kind words. I just got a personal email from someone else asking the same thing if it was his navy uniform. It must've been because he WAS in the Navy.. stationed in San Diego way back when.

I am old enough to be his mother in his young photo... so it was somewhat brave of me to compare photos!

Thank you Doodlestreet. Movie star photos? thank you! You may have one. Have it autographed. Just $300. :O)

Janet said...

You do look just like him! Especially so in your childhood photos!

kelly said...

You are just beautiful, dawling! I love the pose, Hah!

Michele Miles said...

Shawn -

My dad, too, was in the Navy ('63-'64) in San Diego. As a matter of fact, I was born in the San Diego Naval hospital.

doodlegirl said...

Hi Janet. You're right! Our baby photos actually really looked the same. I don't know why I used that handsome photo of my young teenage dad. What was I thinking!?!? I should have posted a not-so-good photo of my dad in his 40s to compare me with.

Thank you, Kelly Dawling, you little teaser!

Michelle, I've been hearing from several people off-line telling me the very same thing about their father being stationed in the Navy in San Diego! My dad was out of the navy before he married my mom, though, so he only did a 2-year-stint in the 50s.

Courtney said...

i never noticed that but you and he have so many identical features. i love that picture. i watched "when harry met sally" today and the whole movie i kept thinking meg ryan looks JUST like shawn!! ( : love you!

roz said...

What a handsome man he was and you are equally as beautiful.
Touching post.
Great to see the woman behind the text!

doodlegirl said...

oh courtney! You're so adorable! And thank you for saying Meg looks like me. (I wonder if anyone has ever told her that?) I love you, too!!!

Roz, thank you for your sweet words! xo

platitudinal said...

Your father was very handsome, and you are very pretty. It takes a lot of maturity and wisdom to recognize that however connected we are to our parents, we still are our own selves. (But, mothers’ prayers for flat eared children are always precious.)