Monday, September 10, 2007

VW Parade

While driving to work this morning, I felt the palms of my hands begin to sweat tiny little beads of perspiration. My heart starting palpitating and my breathing increased so quickly I wondered if I was about to hyper-ventilate. Everything inside me screamed out, "Pull off the road!!!"

I drive a green volkswagon beetle. So you can imagine how embarrassed and self-conscious I felt when I was driving behind two other identical cars down the street. For awhile, we were the only ones on the road.

I thought, "How weird is that!" And then I thought "It would be weirder if we were all wearing clown suits or dressed like ladybugs while driving our bugs in a row." Like that would ever happen. Well, maybe if it was Halloween.

How would you feel if you were following two other cars that looked exactly like yours?

Lucky for me, I was able to whip out my camera and take the photo of my experience.


Leslie H. said...

B/4 I was married I drove Beamers and then after children, had to scale down to a (blush!) mini-van. I remember driving up to the school to drop my son off and I was in line with about a dozen other mini-vans. We weren't wearing clown suits, but I sure felt like we were wearing clone suits. I felt like I was a stepford wife for sure!

danny said...

That's hilarious! what are the odds? Maybe the three of you should have played the lotto that day...I wonder what the other two drivers were thinking, especially the one in the middle! surrounded!

Michele Miles said...

Hey, Shawn - This is too funny. And you're a woman with fine taste. My favorite car was the exact same color metallic green and a VW... the old kind.

ValGalArt said...

i might feel like i was in a parallel universe! Don't pull over, keep going girl! Happy trails Shawn!

Doodlestreet said...

Something kinda BUGS me about this photo... ahhhhhh Hahhahahahahahha! get it.

What are the odds of that!? so is the one in the front an older one? that's so cool...and if the one in the front IS older, what are the odds of that too!? I don't remember a lot of those older ones being that shade of green!

Way cool--
I like red too! (inside joke).

doodlegirl said...

Doodlestreet, that front volkwagen wasn't a vintage one. We were all driving identical bugs. (if you click on the photo you can see a larger shot of it). Glad you like red, too! My face was that lovely color!

Good idea Danny about playing the lottery. WHy didn't I think of that!? I remember you playing numbers off my mileage once when I posted it and you won some $$$!

Why am I not surprised, Michele that we share the same fine taste? :O)

Leslie! A clone suit! I LOVE that!

Valgal! I DID feel I was in a parallel universe, ... actually more like a triplell universe. :O)

violetismycolor said...

How weird would that be! Very cool.

Janet said...

...and what if this...
had suddenly come on your radio?

doodlegirl said...

The link you sent is sooo HILARIOUS Janet!!!!!!!!! That made me laugh out loud!! And if the truth be known, I think I did sing those notes while driving behind them. And keep this in mind. We were the only three on the road! Just us. For seemingly miles.

Dave's blog said...

Hey Shawn, do you keep a flower in the little holder? or perhaps for you, it's a couple of sketching pencils? :)
Three green bugs in a row? Only you Shawn!
See ya,

doodlegirl said...

Yes! I do, dave! :O) It's orange.