Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snippets of Conversation

A conversation overheard in a restaurant bar by a table of older women:

Woman: "What is your name?"
Waitress: "Thindy."
Woman: "What an unusual name!"
Waitress: "My real name ith Thynthia."
Woman: "Oh. That's even more unusual."


Woman: We would like to order a round of Lolitas please.
Watiress: Thank you. I'll be back with your order.

(she leaves and returns a few moments later)

Waitress: "I'm thorry. The bartender hathent heard of a Lolita. Can you tell me whath in it?"
Woman: "It's a popular mexican drink. It has tequila in it and salt around the rim. You can drink it blended or on the rocks."
Waitress: "Ohhhh, do you mean a Margarita?"
Woman: "Yes, that's it! I always get those two mexican names mixed up!"


Rosaland Asher said...

This reminds me of when I was at a fast food restaurant recently and overheard a tall lanky guy ordering three hamburgers, three fries, three drinks and whatever else. It was a lot of food. And the lady working behind the counter, asks him: "Is this for here or to go?" He said, "Lady! Does it look like I can eat all that here?!

Michele Miles said...

Shawn -

That's pure comedy gold! Fiction writers couldn't come up with a more oblivious bunch of kooky Lolita drinking ladies if they tried.

Thynthia...my, what an usual name! Another Lolita, please!!!

Janet said...

Too funny! I was in the waiting room of a urologist this morning. A little ol' lady came in with a man I assumed was her son.She talked and talked, but he never said a word, except to nod or laugh.I was so engrossed in listening to her, I hated to be called back.What was so interesting was that she just made random statements, with nothing having any connection to the statement she'd just made.Finally, she looked up at the sign that said Urology with the list of doctors' names underneath.
" Well", she said " that should be an easy degree to get...human plumber!" I don't even know why that tickled me so (maybe the tone of her voice).I let out a giggle and the nurse called my name.

Rayne said...

This is so funny! I love it.

doodlegirl said...

Rosaland and Janet ... thanks so much for sharing those funny conversations you overheard! People are hilarious without even trying. It's like what Michele said.. fiction writers just can't write this funny stuff up! "Another lolita, please!" Michele! That made me laugh outloud!!
Thanks Rayne for visiting. Glad you gotta giggle from it.

Danny said...

That is sooo hilarious, it's almost as if comedy writers sat around and thought of something their goofy relative actually said...

mark said...

This reminds me of sitting in a restaurant very recently next to the Loud family. In fact they were so loud I have no idea what they were saying.

doodlegirl said...

Oh Danny! If I could get paid for all the things I've heard (relatives or not), I think I would become a fast millionaire. Hmmmm.. not such a bad idea! I think I'll start jotting things down now!!! Never too late for a career change, right!?!

Mark! How funny you sat near the Loud family. I saw near a Loud family, just last night. Their speech was slurred and eyes unfocused sipping on martinis. Wonder if they were related? ;O)

platitudinal said...

Hehehe. Thank you so much for this delightful story. :D

Ever since I read “When I am Old I will Wear Purple” … I cannot wait to be old. Of course I want to be the cute friendly old lady, not the grumpy picky one.