Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Raincoat For a Rainy Day

It was just a year and a half ago when I quietly made a wish to design fabric. And as the story goes . . . just two days later . . . I received that magical call from a fabric company asking me to design the line of Dick and Jane fabric.

From time to time I get to see fun pieces made with the fabric. This raincoat was made by Susan up in the Northwest.


Rayne said...

This is so very cute! Perfect pattern for a raincoat.

Doodlestreet said...

Oh WOW!!! That is so cool!!! I love that! I bet you kinda feel like a proud mama looking at that fabric, eh? I, I just love that.

It's neat to see 'your stuff' out there in the world, isn't it? Just out of the blue, you come across something that has actually come from your talented hands...

just precious.

and just think of all the really beautiful designs that are in your future that will be out there one day too!

bmac said...


violetismycolor said...

I want one of those for ME!

Michele Miles said...

If only my daughter were still little... I would love to buy this for her!! You think at eighteen she's too old?

Shawn, you're so talented!

roz said...

What a lovely wish to come true!
I love it when you share these finds with us!
Way to go!
I wonder if I wish outloud that mine will come true too?
I wish my my board book dummy idea would sell SOON!

doodlegirl said...

Yeah. That sweet little raincoat IS adorable, isn't it? I so wish I had made it!!! Thank you to you all for your kind, sweet comments!!

Michele.. i don't think your daughter is too old. I would love the same rain jacket in my 40s!
I think cool fabric might be wasted on childhood.... ;O)

Roz... I believe in dreams coming true. I am closing my eyes and dreaming with you. That your board book dummy will SELL SOOON!!!!!

"sell soon. sell soon. sell soon. shell shoon. shell shooon. shellooon. Shellooon. Saloon. Saloon. sell loons. Loons. Dunes. Coons. Dunes. Foons. Bafoons. Balloons. I'll say it over and over and over again until it DOES come true. Will ya do me me a favor and let me know when it happens?

If ya get a buncha balloons over your yard.. I'd like to know if that happened, too. sometimes all my zealousness will send out other thoughts and wishes than the ones I previously tried.. because dreams will do come true!!

Michele Miles said...

Hey, Shawn -

Seriously, does this come in adult sizes? If so, I would buy one for myself.

Michele Miles said...

Another question: Where can I find the fabric? This is exactly the type of material (fun, quirky & retro) that makes me want to make my own skirts.

How cool it must be to see things designed with something you created, huh?

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Thats awesome. You know, I DO believe that when u ask the universe for what you want, it usually comes true, one way or another, in very mysterious ways.

what a cute raincoat!

doodlegirl said...

Hi Michele! That's so coool! A lot of small quilt stores sell our fabric. Here are some places that carry our fabric somewhat near you...

Baron's Fabrics
22635 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA 91364
Phone: 805 482 9848

Quilt Emporium
4918 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA 91364
818 704 8238


Hey Chickengirl. I'm comin' to NYC in December. Chelsea area. Be fun if I run into you. I won't be wearin' a red coat this year, though. Think i'll opt for a black one. ;O)

platitudinal said...

You are an incredible designer. This Dick Jane fabric is absolutely adorable.