Friday, October 12, 2007

The season of change

Last April, I planted a few trees in my yard.

They are looking so beautiful this time of year. I am a proud mama. They were just little kid trees when I planted them. And now look at them! Looking so dapper and mature in their brand new colors.

Fall is a season of change. So it isn't surprising that I am feeling the longing for change, too.

I want to live clutter-free.

I have this huge need to clean and purge out all those things I don't need or use or even want anymore. I want to be more of a minimalist. I want to walk into my home and feel as though I've walked into a vacation home. Free of distractions.

So tomorrow, while my car is off at the dealership getting spiffed up for it's 80,000 mile tune-up, I hope to tackle my garage. Perhaps I can hammer up shelves to place belongings up and off the cement floor. I want to assign a specific spot for the garden supplies and for tools and firewood and boxes filled with the things I'm not quite able to let go of. And who knows. Maybe this weekend, I can learn to let go of those things, too.

After all, the weather is changing. And I want that, too.


A little bird said...

When in doubt - throw it out.

bmac said...

Thats a beautiful tree. I think it would make a nice menu for a chinese restaurant. :)

doodlegirl said...

Thanks Little Bird. I like that. "when in doubt, throw it out". Or, possibly I'll just put it in a Doubt Pile and come back to it later. Or perhaps that's what put me in this predicament already.

That's cute bmac and thank you! I will never look at my tree again without thinking of wonton soup and egg foo young.

Doodlestreet said...

hold on a sec while I drag my garbage can over to the corner of the garage.... :0)

out with the old
and out with the new
toss this hat
and that old shoe

pitch that box
full of clutter
collecting dust
makes me shutter

live so simple
clutters a bore
now it hit me,
less is more!

Have you seen my Clutter Buster?

doodlegirl said...

That Clutter Buster is soooo awesome!!!! You are such a great artist, Doodlestreet! I LOo0ove that! I want my very own cluster buster.

Doodlestreet said...

I"ll ship one out to you this week...clear out your driveway tho--cuz it's HUGE! Hmmm...kinda doesn't make sense to clutter up your driveway with something that is suppose to CLEAR OUT clutter, eh?

Monica said...

I remember your tree planting from last year. Thanks for the update! It really does look beautiful, all grown up. Or a teenager tree at least :) I definitely miss the changing leaves and signs of 'Fall' from being up there. We don't really get that down here. Enjoy it!