Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sure Fire Perfect 5-Minute Egg

So Claudia sent me her recipe for the perfect 5-minute egg and I couldn't wait to try it out. Here they are sitting in a cool bowl of water before I ate them for breakfast.

Isn't it lovely?

Sure-Fire Perfect 5 Minute Egg

1) Take the egg out the refrigerator.

2) Put the egg under warm water so the egg is not so cold.

3) Start water to boil in pan

4) After water boils place the egg into the boiling water, gently.

5) Set timer for 5 minutes.

6) After 5 minutes remove the egg from the boiling water.

7) Run cold water over the egg for at least a minute.

8) Peel your perfect egg


Brianna Morgan said...

ha!ha! That's hilarious! I don't think that's what Claudia had in mind when she gave you the "sure fire" perfect 5-minute egg. But I bet it tasted delicious!

Michele Miles said...

Too funny!! There's something so sweet about those little eggs. I think I can relate to them, like maybe that's how I look like in the morning before my make-up - kind-a cracked, but I still have something to offer on the inside.

Or maybe I'm putting way too much thought into those little eggs... oh, I'm getting hungry.

P.S. I put the eggs in before the water boils (but you have to keep an eye on them & start timing from the moment they boil). That way you might avoid the stress of going from room temp to boil. Just an idea - not sure if it'd work.

doodlegirl said...

Aww Michelle. I sorta found something sweet about those eggs, too. Maybe we DO see ourselves in them. Thanks for your recipe by the way. I will try out next weekend.

Brianna.. the eggs DID turn out delicious but I'm quite sure if Claudia sees this photo, she will just stare and blink... not knowing what I did to ruin such a "sure fire perfect 5 minute egg".

You know what I do in times like this? Just stare out at my beautiful trees I planted! Somewhere in the mixture, I do something right!!! :O)

roz said...

Hey, those look like mine.

platitudinal said...

Goodness me! There are actually 8 steps involved to make the perfect boiled egg. I myself love half boiled eggs. And, I followed Victor Borge’s advice: put eggs in boiling water, play Chopin’s Minute Waltz 3 times, and quickly fish out the eggs. (If your piano is far away from the kitchen, perhaps just play it 2 times).

Rayne said...

Scott and I are always arguing over how to make the perfect boiled egg. He does it your way and I just pop it in the pot and boil it.
I have always liked when the get to the point to wear a little egg leaks out and cooks, like a little egg frill.

doodlegirl said...

Yay! Roz! Come on over and we can boil eggs together!

Ms Platitudinal... Whan an adorble way to cook eggs! And it's a whole lot more fun!

Rayne, I love that little egg frill, too, but it looses its cuteness when it looks like a family of amoebas escaping....

Doodlestreet said...

I see so many cartoons I've drawn in those little peeps. My toons tend to be a little round and puffy too... ;0)
Those little two would be good to use as a sort of Rorschach Egg blob test. (Ink blot). How many things can you find in the egg shape? Kind of like clouds too...
Just look at home much enjoyment you got out of those little things...and you got a belly full too!!

Monica said...

Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I can never get hard boiled eggs right either. It seems so simple, but I'm always scared. Maybe we just overthink it. I hope they still tasted ok :)