Monday, September 1, 2008

Such a beautiful labor day weekend

Labor Day.
I really live in a beautiful place.
From playing beach volleyball for two hours on the beach to a late lunch under the giant redwood trees, it was an awesome day.

And yesterday I invited friends from our old work place Mattel™ for an all-day barbecue party.

I feel good. Sleepy, yes, but I feel good. I am enjoying my summer. 

I feel I'm heading in the right direction. Inviting friends into my life. Even new ones. My house is now in order and so is my yard. I'm now ready for some fun. And some conversation. And play.  And it's happening.


dan said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend shawn! I wish I could have been a part of it.

violetismycolor said...

I love the picture of the redwoods! Glad you had a great weekend (as did we) and hope your days ahead are as lovely and as peaceful...

doodlegirl said...

Thanks. I am grateful for the lovely times in my life and am appreciating them fully in my heart because I know it can all change tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words and I I wish the same lovely, peaceful days for you, too.

Rayne said...

Both of those photos are lovely! I honestly couldn't decide which place I would rather be at. To have both as an option is truly wonderful!
I can't wait to get back to the west coast.

Kate said...

What sweet memories you created with those images. We visited CA in 11/06, Sacramento up to Weaverville and then across and back down to Tahoe.
Today I took the driftwood I collected on that journey and made a wind chime. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the photos and included some in a slide show. Next week maybe I'll hold a pine cone close and inhale the still lingering smell of the woods.
Long ago I made garden steps with the agates I collected from the beach.
YES! I hauled all that back in my luggage and onto the plane. Always a kid, I remain happy to be wherever I am at any time!

platitudinal said...

When your inside is aligned with your outside, that is a beautiful state of being. Hmm, I don’t mean to sound new-age-ish, I just want to say it’s wonderful to feel at ease and peace and content with self, life and everything about it :)

Doodlestreet said...

It's nice to hear you are giving to BOTH parts of the whole you. It's wonderful to give the physical self a comfortable little nest to live in with a beautiful yard and convenient and fun things, and then to share them with others and make new friends as well as nurture the old friends, that's just plain good for the soul. That's the part that stay with us...I'm so glad to know you are feeding that part of your heart.

You go girl! Now heal up that back so you can have more of those 'vollyball' days! Hey, do they have vollyball on the wii???

doodlegirl said...

Rayne, next time you get back to the west coast, i hope i can show these places in person.

kate, your words made me smile. A few years back while I was under those large redwood trees, a friend of mine snuck out a large piece of driftwood in her coat and carried it back on the plane with her home. You two would be fast friends!

You don't sound new-age-ish Luci. You sound wise.

Oh doodlestreet. Nooo, I don't have volleyball on the wii. I don't know if that game is out yet. (And my yard isn't THAT beautiful yet. But it's hopefully on the path of arriving there. Maybe by next spring....)