Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is why I enjoy trail running

UltraRunning from Matt Hart on Vimeo.

This video expresses why I enjoy trail running. (And by the way, the beginning of this video shows the beginning of the 100 Western States Race up at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe and finishes in Auburn, CA. Kelly has raced it two or three times. Each time I have been there and have crued for her. Waking up and seeing them start out in the early morning in the dark, still makes me cry).

I went running with my sister Kelly tonight after work. I think we ran 7 or 8 miles. It kicked my butt. I felt sore the entire run. My calves felt like they were about to pop. My knees ached. My tendons hurt. My toes cramped. But I just kept moving. Jumping over rocks and roots and mud puddles and it was getting dark and I wondered if we'd run into a mountain lion... because a lot of deer and turkeys were out strolling about and why not the mountain lion? And, I was happy the mountain lion was not out.

In a few days, I'm off to Palm Springs to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Not much running there, so I am happy for the run tonight.   I plan to run another Half-Marathon in May.

I need these races to keep me running....


Dan Guerra said...

Wow! That video is breathtaking (literally!) yeah I can see the attraction, why it's a two-fold adventure, being out there in gorgeous terrain and the running itself!
That's awesome Shawn! And yeah, watch out for the mountain lions!

Christine said...

That's quite a video!! Thanks so much for sharing.
I agree with Dan regarding the two-fold adventure in trail running. Awesome stuff.

Enjoy Palm Springs. I'm still waiting for temps in the 60s here in NJ! LOL.

Sherry Mc said...

Loved this. The views are breathtaking and this somehow captures the "runners high". That Cold Play song is one of my "go-to" running cool.

justdoodleit said...

Spent some time exploring your blog and liked all stories and anecdotes, apart from the cool art that is :)
I too am training for an athletic involves some swimming and bicycling too...your posts capture the agony and ecstasy of the workout sessions pretty well.

doodlegirl said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the comments! I ran my first trail running up in the hills yesterday after two weeks and it bit my butt! But I'm going back on track! I wanna run another half-marathon on May 22nd and this time it will be a regular flat track!

Justdoodleit... thanks for dropping by! Best of luck to you: YOU CAN DO IT!! GO! GO! GO!!