Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My place of work

I'm really loving my new place of work. It feels so comfortable. I LOVE the people there. The compatability is extraordinary. I love coming in each day. I feel so blessed.

The art studio is filled with fabric. Some fabric came in today that I designed. I stared at it when no one was looking. I felt it with my fingers. My heart felt so warm, I felt as though it was about to melt into my skin.

It was something I wished for and it came true.

I pinched myself to see if this was a dream. And then I realized it still is a dream. A dream come true.


Gary Wilson said...

I'm really happy for you Shawn! You deserve all good things. I'd love to see what you've been working on Shawn!

Rayne said...

Oh, wow. This is going to sound stupid but I've never thought about someone actually designing the fabrics. Can you post a picture of yours?

Monica said...

I almost got teary when I read this. I am so proud of you! You knew what you wanted, went after it, and it came true. You deserve to stare at that fabric, I'm sure it looks beautiful. I want to see it, too!!

Amy said...

ohmagosh... i'm so happy for you shawn! Congratulations!!!!

Dave's blog said...

Hey Shawn! Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, after I record a new song, I listen to it in my car and try to pretend it isn't me, just to see if I would like it if I didn't know the guy singing!
Don't tell anybody, K?

Janet said...

YAY Shawn! I hope we get to see the fabric you designed, too!
(Gosh! You're so tiny!)

ValGalArt said...

aaaahhhhh, this is the sweetest thing wen your dreams come true!!! You are just how I pictured you, no, even better! I'm happy for you and p.s. your floors look fab!