Friday, August 18, 2006

Yay for my sparkling floors

My floors are finished. My unpacking is not. The loveseat in the photo belongs in another room. But it is heavy because it's a pullout bed and the heavy bars underneath have already scratched my floors. So for now, it stays there, until some strong men help carry it to its destination.

My large TV still sits on the floor as well. Everything feels in a disarray.

If I could only wave a magic wand.

Or, even if I felt better, I could plow through my lists of things to do. But instead, I just keep adding more to my list.

I love going to a place to work. There, I can focus on things at hand. Here, at home, it's like I am wading through thick mud. I feel as though I'm losing my footing under my To Do List that is weighing me down. I can't seem to climb my way out of it.

I just stare at all the things I need to do. And then. I add more to my list.

I need to call a plumber. My car is dirty. I have weeds everywhere in my yard that I need to pull. My house is a mess. My backyard lawn has turned yellow. I have phone calls to return. I'm out of shampoo. I need to buy groceries. I need to do laundry. I have emails to return. I need to bring my lawn mower to the shop. I need to take a truckload to the dump. I'm still having computer problems. It's the second time, I have lost everything on my computer in two months. (Apple thinks its my logic board failing). I'm sick about it. But not nearly as sick as I've been feeling.

I am thinking it wasn't the beef jerky I ate afterall.

I'm still going through numerous medical tests and I hope we can find what it is so I can start the road of recovery. It's been five long weeks of intestinal distress and after two separate antibiotics later, I still fight a fever from time to time. oy.

I know when I feel better, my list won't seem so overwhelming. There is nothing I like more than to cross things off my list. Now I'm just feeling cross about my list.

But. Enough about me. How are you doing?


Janet said...

Oh, I LoOove your shiny new floors! I hope you get all better soon! Did you do the artwork on the wall? I think I see the Weinermobile...

Rayne said...

You're floors look beautiful. I am so sorry you are having digestion problems. Katy and I can both relate. Katy is finally starting to feel better and getting grouchy which is a good sign. It took over 15 years for them to diagnose Crohn's disease for me so I understand the helpless and angry feelings while waiting for them to find something and fix it. Stomach distress can really screw things up, can't it?
I hope they find it is something simple and easy to fix. Keep us updated.
I also hope your computer stops eating all of your stuff. Twice now! Gads! That has to totally suck. Don't worry about the to-do list piling up. Take care of yourself, especially when you have times when you are feeling a little better. Do something you enjoy, just for you. Give yourself permission to let stuff slide for now. I'm nagging again, aren't I? I'm sorry. I think I am channeling my Jewish grandmother.

danny said...

wow your floors look amazing! and your decor is like out of a magazine. Don't worry too much about your To Do list. Number one should be just to get back to feeling better, then it'll seem easier and you can always prioritize.
And good luck with your computer!